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On Hiatus

This blog is currently on hiatus. If you are looking for the recaps and reviews that usually appear in this space, please head over to Ani Bundel’s new blog,


AniBundel Is Moving: We Are Now Culturess

So about that thing I’ve been off doing instead of blogging here…. Now all of it can be told.

Let’s rewind a bit. (Indulge me. It’s my blog after all.) Back in April, when I quit my day job, I told you all I was off to be a big time blogger. I’d be writing at WiCnet and Wizards and Dorkside and it would be great.

But there was something I left out. You really think I was just hired to write for other people’s blogs? No. I was hired because the brass looked at Anibundel: Pop Culturess and said “That. We want that. We want to take that and turn it into a women’s pop culture site as big as Jezebel, or the MarySue.”

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