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The Jim Henson Company Is Considering A Labyrinth Sequel

Let’s start with what I do want.


The best part–to me–about A Large Evil Corporation‘s figurines is that they look like they stepped out of Nick Park cartoons. Cheese, Jareth?

Now let’s get to what I don’t want. A Labyrinth Sequel. Im-Fucking-Possible.

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RIP Joan Rivers

Most of us think of Joan Rivers as that woman with the plastic surgery and the reality show and the daughter that follows her around like a puppy. But Joan Rivers was so much more than that. She was a comedian in a time when women didn’t do comedy. She was a television staple from the 1970s onward. She shattered glass ceilings that sealed back up behind her. And when that career was yanked out from under her, she refashioned herself as the tartest tongued woman, unafraid to speak truth to celebrity, and started all over again.


You may not have liked her. You may have thought her a terrible person. But if you’ve ever seen A Piece of Work, you’ll understand how hard she fought to get where she was, and you’ll respect the hell out of her.

RIP dear. You earned it.

ETA: Updated with Melissa River’s statement below.

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Behold: Angelina Jolie’s Wedding Veil (and Gown)

I don’t normally stop everything for a celebrity nuptials, unless they’re heir to the British Crown, and there are lots of hats involved. But I’m so in love with Angelina’s veil that we’re going to make an exception.


Look closely. You know how you hang your kid’s artwork on the refrigerator? Angelina just showed you all up by having Donatella Versace’s couture peeps embroider them on her wedding veil. (The gown is also Atelier Versace.)

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Natural Born Reviewers | Todd in the Shadows

We’re going meta today with a review of a reviewer. Todd in the Shadows is on the Channel Awesome team at ThatGuyWithTheGlasses (TGWTG.) As part of the persona he appears in silhouette during his video reviews, always wears a grey hoodie, and in direct light keeps his face hidden with a half-mask. Liamfer suspects Todd’s half-mask is just a t-shirt pulled over his face, in a botched attempt at shirt ninja.

Todd in the Shadows 2

He covers hit pop songs, one-hit wonders, and has even done several music-related movies. He explores the prevalence of auto-tune and the creeping influence of EDM in popular music. Todd is a skilled piano player, and his keyboard is always part of each episode. When reviewing songs, he translates and plays the basic melody on keyboard. It’s fun and weird to hear “Sexy and I Know It” or “Like a G6” on piano, and some songs come off surprisingly elegant when you hear Todd’s reimagining. Todd is funny, musically well-versed, and even the worst songs are bearable (even entertaining) because of his analysis of the lyrics, song structure, and music video.

Todd in the Shadows Gangnam Style

Marnifer: Todd in the Shadows (TIS) started with a channel on YouTube prior to joining the TGWTG family. He does really smart takedowns of primarily stupid, stupid music. His first episode on the site was a review of Ke$ha’s ear-busting “BlahBlahBlah” and from the moment he pronounced her name “Kuh-dollar sign-HA!” I was hooked. Because of Todd, we’re developing a taste for bad pop music. Because of Todd’s reviews, I have pop culture reference points I was missing before hearing these songs. I didn’t get that Project Runway teaser trailer where Heidi keeps yelling, “Turn down for what!” until I watched Todd’s episode on the Lil Jon song she was quoting.

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