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Moffat Gives Hope That Capaldi Might Stay On as Doctor Who

Filming for the first two episodes of Season 10 of Doctor Who is underway, with the Doctor and his new companion taking in the sights of Valencia, Spain.

Or , you know, at least the actors taking a selfie. What *is* that Pearl Mackie is wearing?

Apparently it was a short stay, with the production team already tweeting out an “Adios” to that location as the train rolls on. But there’s good news to those who worry that these images are the last we’ll see with Capaladi in the role of the 12th Doctor. Despite the rumors, and Capaldi’s own statements at the beginning that he would probably only stay on as long as Moffat was showrunner, Moffat told Doctor Who Magazine this month that as of now, he’s not writing the Doctor’s regeneration as part of his final episodes.

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Doctor Who Brings Aboard An Adventure In Time and Space Producer

The pieces are dropping into place for the continuation of Doctor Who after Steven Moffat leaves the series at the end of next season. Though it was Moffat’s departure that made headlines, we also noticed at the time that his long-standing executive producer would be exiting with him. Brian Minchin, who has been executive producing the show since the 50th anniversary year will be heading out to work on new projects. In his stead, Matt Strevens will be stepping into the role when showrunner Chris Chibnall takes over, starting in Season 11.

Strevens is a savvy pick for the Who team, since he oversaw one of the best productions to come out of the 50th Anniversary year, the BBC America created movie An Adventure in Time and Space. The TV movie was a dramatization of Doctor Who‘s first years on air, and how the concept of the “regenerating” lead actor came about after the original Doctor, William Hartnell began to suffer from arteriosclerosis to the point that he could no longer memorize his lines.

Meanwhile, Doctor Who Season 10 continues to film apace with the production tweeting out this photo today of the newest companion, Bill, running pell mell at the Doctor for a hug. Looks like our 12th Doctor is going to have to learn how to be a hugger on the double. She means business.

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Moffat Wants Doctor Who Season 10 To Feel Like A New Show

Starting at Christmas, Moffat will begin his final stint as showrunner on Doctor Who. But unlike his predecessor, Russell T. Davies, who made his last year at the helm of the production one long goodbye, Moffat is going the opposite route. According to Doctor Who Magazine,  he wants this season to feel like the show is starting fresh.

“I want it to feel like Episode 1 of a brand new show.I want to leave just as it’s all beginning… ”

Part of the joy of Doctor Who is that it is a constantly evolving show, because of the format of replacing actors when they wish to leave–the Doctor changes face, the companion heads off, and a new one is invited aboard to keep the Time Lord company.


Though the Doctor had changed in the last two years, he kept companion Clara by his side–the show changed around her (and her character improved 1000 fold for it.) But now that she’s left and a new companion–a girl called Bill–is stepping aboard, it’s an opportunity for Moffat to reboot, and not have to worry if people like it or not. After all, he’s on his way out the door.


Doctor Who: Season 10 Begins Filming Next Week

The BBC has announced that filming will commence for Doctor Who Series 10, and Steven Moffat’s last turn behind the wheel of the franchise. With principle photography scheduled to begin next week, they have also released details on the upcoming season as well.

Keep in mind, this is filming for Season 10, and not for the Christmas special that proceeds it. That traditionally filmed in the fall anyway,. and will probably be amended onto the regular season filming schedule.20150701-dw-s9b6-215613a


But even with details skipping over this coming Christmas, we do know that one figure from the 2015 Christmas special will be back. Matt Lucas of Peaky Blinders fame, has a small part as the hapless Nardole, who came and found the Doctor on accident while looking for an actual surgeon. Now, according to the BBC, he’ll be back for Season 10, and will be hanging out on the TARDIS for at least a full episode.

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Peter Capaldi Hints We’re Not Done With Clara Yet

Last season of Doctor Who ended in what might be the best way a companion has left in the history of the show–with her own TARDIS and her own companion, and her own racing around the universe through all of time and space, instead of being a good girl and going directly home like she should. For many, it was the closest thing to a female Doctor there’s ever been, and all we could say as the series ended was “But can’t she come back?”

But Coleman has her own series to anchor over on ITV as the lead role in Victoria. And her companion, Maisie Williams, has her own day job in a  different fantasy series as well. Between that and the erasing of her from the Doctor’s mind, it seemed like Clara and her American shaped diner TARDIS would have to fly in our imaginations only.

Me and Clara Oswald in the TARDIS

Or….would she? At AwesomeCon this weekend, Capaldi let slip something that suggests very highly that in fact that might not be the case.

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Steve Moffat leaves Doctor Who After Christmas 2017

Moffat announced his departure from Doctor Who early and often–and a little bit unexpectedly–this past January. Now the BBC is making sure we know that he’s not only staying though the end of Season 10, but the corresponding Christmas Special as well.

This month’s issue of Doctor Who Magazine confirms Moffat as on for the Christmas special in 2017. This matters a lot to fans–not only those who are sad at losing Moffat. (There must be some somewhere.) But also for fans of Capaldi, who has not changed his stance so far on leaving when Moffat does, rather than attempt to continue the role under a new showrunner. That’s despite all attempts by the BBC to convince him that staying on would be a good idea.


Having Moffat through the end of 2017 means we will have a full year of Capaldi in the role to look forward to, starting with this year’s Christmas special.

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The New Doctor Who Companion Revealed…..

Much like last time round, the BBC is making an enormous fuss about announcing the brand new companion. It’s not quite on the level of announcing a brand new Doctor–there’s no BBC special that’s simulcasting on US television or anything. But they’ve made sure we all know what time to tune in and where: BBC One, halftime at the FA Cup semi-final between Everton and ManU.

They’ve also dribbled out bits, including glimpses of the Companion’s shoes and then a video of the Doctor taking her hand–and from the looks of it, we’re in for….another Earth female of moderately light complexion and of a relatively younger age. The video on Twitter:

So who is it? Will these footballers ever stop talking at halftime about brilliant balls and Rooney? Will she be signed to last more than just Season 10 to stay through to the next showrunner? Answers, after the jump….

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