The Great British Baking Show: Season 3 “Cake Week”


Welcome back to Sue and Mel and silliness, as the Great British Baking Show hosts try to decide if our contestants this year are warriors or worriers. Only in British English is this a joke. The season, which actually taped over a year ago, and originally ran from August-October of 2015 on the BBC took its sweet time getting over here. And then it took its sweet time airing, as the lack of a Masterpiece Theater like mothership meant there was nothing to enforce most PBS stations to air at the same time.


PBS, it is very hard to live tweet when half the audience won’t see it until Sunday–and the main PBS Food account is tweeting along to one that started 30 minutes prior to your own. Furthermore, it is difficult to get event television to work if it’s not eventing across the country all at once. Please make a note of it, and rectify this promptly.

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