Poldark Season 2 Begins Filming

The return to the Cornwall coast begins….


With ten episodes this coming season. bumped up from eight, filming begins in earnest today.  Poldark fans have been spotting set up around the areas that stand in for the Wheal Leisure and Chavenage, with stands in for the great house of Trenwith.  Check out a couple of images below from today’s filming.

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The Hats (and Wigs) of Poldark

Unlike Downton Abbey, where the men’s fashions are semi-afterthoughts to the fabulous looks of the women, Poldark is far more equal opportunity. Partly it’s the time period in which the show is set. The Georgian Era was still a time of male peacocking, with buckled shoes, and powdered wigs and brightly colored silks. The Federalist era is when much of this began to come to an end, as rebellions and revolutions brought with it a new sense of income equality, and the protestant movements began dictating severe looks for both men and women.

But Ross Poldark, despite his own egalitarian leanings, is still part of the upper classes. And when we meet him, he is sporting the trend of day: the tricorne hat.

1 Captain poldark soldier
Ross, carrying his hat, so we can swoon over his hair

Ok, well, not on his head. But you get the idea.

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