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Sherlock: Season 4 Trailer

They’ve promised this season of Sherlock will be the darkest one yet. Looks like, if the trailer is anything to go by, they’re going to deliver.

So let’s recap where we are, just in case anyone’s forgotten. Despite the first three seasons of the show looking like they had dropped the entire “Sherlock is actually a bit of a drugged lunatic” facet of the character in favor of him being “spectrum” instead, the Christmas special revealed that… well actually…. Sherlock is a drugged lunatic of epic proportions. Moffat may have said in the run up the Christmas special was a one-off but that seems to have been a lie to throw us off the scent of it occurring in both eras.

During the panel itself, another interesting clue came up:  “Thatcher,” “Smith,” and “Sherrinford.” Exactly how a dead Prime Minister will be involved in anyone’s guess, but Sherrinford is the name of the fanfictioned-in “oldest” Holmes Brother, who was suggested by a “Holmes Scholar” after Dolye’s death as a possible character we never saw, and accepted as hypothetical canon decades before the words fanfiction and canon existed.

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Sherlock Season 4 Gets New Cast Member

BBC One has released the first promotional shot from the upcoming fourth (and perhaps final) season of their modern-day reimagining of Sherlock Holmes. And it looks like Benedict Cumberbatch’s title character has gone off and gotten himself a new friend for at least one of the three episodes.

Remember, when you can’t find humans who will be friends with you….

There’s always puppies.

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Toby Jones Joins Sherlock Series 4

Sticking with bringing over talent Steve Moffat used in Doctor Who, word came this week that Sherlock has cast Toby Jones as the Big Bad for Series 4.

This is a pretty interesting development, since (as those who can remember way back in Series 3 about two and a half years ago) the thing that halted Sherlock’s departure at Christmas was that all of London had been hacked by something bearing the face of Moriarty (Andrew Scott.) Said face was repeating over and over on billboards and every computer screen “I’M BACK!!!!”


Now, of course, this seems impossible. Moriarty did not survive the “The Reichenbach Fall” episode, even though Sherlock somehow impossibly did. Also, for a series that has mostly been modernized updated on traditional Sherlock stories, this was a wild departure, as once Moriarty was killed off in the stories, he was barely mentioned ever again.

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Sherlock Season 4 Bringing in Doctor Who Directors

In a move that’s probably not all that surprising, Steve Moffat has been bringing in directors he worked with on his other show, Doctor Who, to work on the certain to be too-short Sherlock Series 4.

After years long delays due to Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman becoming altogether too famous , not to mention Moffat’s own overfilled plate, Sherlock‘s fourth (and perhaps final) season began filming this past month. The director for the first episode is Rachel Talalay, who helmed the rather spectacular two-part finale last year at Doctor Who. Now we have confirmed a second director: Nick Hurran, who directed the 50th anniversary special of Doctor Who back in 2013.


Filming has already been happening in London for the first episode, which, for all accounts will pick up exactly where both Series 3 and the Christmas Special weirdness left off.

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Sherlock: The Abominable Bride

That was, quite possibly, the oddest episode of Sherlock I’ve ever seen.

Sherlock: “Don’t feel bad Mrs Hudson, I’m barely in the dog one”
Mrs. Hudson: “I’m your landlady, not a plot device!”

So I get that the idea that inspired this was that Moffat and Gatiss wanted desperately to see what the Sherlock they created would do if reset in 1895. An intellectual exercise as it were. Therefore, I was prepared for parodies of Victorian tropes, with send ups of fog laden hedge mazes and ghosts in wedding gowns and veils. I was prepared for meta-commentary on the lack of female characters like Mrs. Hudson having lines. (The best one being “I fear she has branched into literary criticism by means of satire. It’s a distressing trend in a modern landlady.”) I was prepared for Mary to be a frustrated lady of the house, and pleased with the choice to have her be an early adopter of the suffragette movement, and even working undercover for Mycroft. After all, the character they created would be exactly that if transported back in time. I was even amused by the choice of how to work Molly Hooper in. At first I thought it was a joke having the actress doing the part in male drag–after all, a woman couldn’t hold that job in 1895. But then to reveal that no, the character of “Hooper” really is a woman in 1895 passing as a man in order to have that career, and have Sherlock’s blindness to it mirror his blindness to Molly’s feelings for him was an extra layer of onion I wasn’t expecting.

fat mycroft

I was even prepared for the twist having been partly spoiled ahead of time. But even if I had not been spoiled, Fat Mycroft’s line of “The virus in the data” would have been a huge red flag that perhaps not all was as it seemed and perhaps we were within Sherlock’s mind palace all along. What I was not prepared for was when the entire episode began to corkscrew.

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Sherlock: The Abominable Bride Clip

We’ve only a couple more days until Sherlock whets our appetite for Series 4 with the one off, period piece Christmas special. And apparently in it, Watson is a much bigger bad ass than previously known.

Below, Mark Gatiss talks to the American viewers who will be viewing it on PBS’ Masterpiece on how to watch the show.

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