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Fall of the House of Usher

My friend David Litvak has crossed the nerd streams by combining Poe’s The Fall of The House of Usher with The Voice’s champion Coach, and successful pop star Usher Raymond IV.

The results are rather perfect.


Check out more below.

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The Voice’s New Mentor Line Up Is Hella Good

As you might have noticed yesterday, I’ve dropped recapping The Voice. It was just one thing too many with everything else I’m trying to juggle. I’m sorry to not be around to pass judgement on the new crop of fodder, but let’s face it–that’s all they are. Fodder. The real stars are, and always have been, the judges. It’s why I didn’t enjoy last season. Though Gwen and Pharrell bring a new energy to the panel, I knew they wouldn’t be able (or interested) in fixing what is (for me anyway) an unforgivable flaw.

But you have to give them this–the four judges this season have remarkable chemistry on stage, and make a fine band. This is the best Opening Mentors number the show has had. I forgot what a great frontwoman Gwen Stefani was. Let’s hope this revives her career.

The Voice Season Seven: First Promo

It’s barely been a month since The Voice Season Six ended, and it will be almost three more before season seven comes anywhere close to our TVs. But NBC’s continuing lack of viable programming demands that they start pumping the heck out of this show, lest some potential viewer forget about it for five whole seconds.

It’s interesting though, that the choice was to put Gwen Stefani front and center, with the promo spot set to her now-ten-year-old hit. I assume the choice was made to use it because Pharrell was the one who wrote it with her, though this was prior to his breaking big, so he doesn’t appear on the track.

The show has barely been on for four years, but in that time it has basically settled into “Starring Adam and Blake, with Rotating Minority Positions.” I’m curious if this isn’t also an attempt to push away from that.

We’ll find out come September 22nd.


The Voice Season Six: Finale

So! Josh’s precious “Set Fire To The Rain” was apparently hidden in iTunes. You could find it under “Albums” but not in the regular singles spot where frantic voters usually look.


3. “Can’t Help Falling in Love” Christina Grimmie
6. “Right Here Waiting” Jake Worthington
7.  “A Country Boy Can Survive” Jake Worthington/Blake Shelton
8. “Somebody That I Used to Know” Christina Grimmie/Adam Levine 
9.  “Don’t Close Your Eyes” Jake Worthington 
11. “Every Breath You Take” Josh Kaufman/Usher
16. “Signed Sealed and Delivered” Josh Kaufman
19. “Set Fire to the Rain” Josh Kaufman
41. “Wrecking Ball” Christina Grimmie 

Is this why it didn’t make the Top Ten? (Note, it’s very rare for at all three finalists not to each have at least one single in the Top Ten. The Duet purchases do not count as votes.) More importantly, is this why the Top Ten Multiplier does not count this week, even though it always has, and the press release even said it would only a few days ago?

Can we stop a minute? This is what I hate about The Voice, more than anything. More than the gimmicks, more than the lack of focus on the contestants, more than the sense that this is just a vehicle for people in the music business to hop on and get network face time with America. What I hate Hate HATE is this total disregard for the rules. The rules are set out at the beginning of the season. And then, if the production doesn’t like something–they don’t try to manipulate the audience. They don’t sandbag contestants with bad songs and poor reviews. Instead…..they just change the rules. Like the rules don’t matter. Like we won’t notice and won’t care. The contestants are literally competing on shifting sand. The season with Cassadee Pope was the worst–they literally changed the rules every week in order to ensure she won. If Idol did this, Ryan would be out there, solemnly explaining and apologizing and repeating over and over how they had to do this to be fair. The Voice? Meh, was there a Top Ten multiplier factor for the finale? No! Wait, did we do that last year? Oh, well, you know, l, well…..hey…..oh, Hey here’s Celebrity X performing!

The worst part–they’re right. The audience doesn’t care, and most of them probably won’t even notice. So let’s bullet point our way through the filler.

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The Voice Season Six: Top Three

As another seasons of The Voice draws to an end, I find myself wondering again if I will bother recapping come Fall. I mean, I will. I’ll tune in, I’ll be amused by new judges, I’ll love the Blind Auditions, and we’ll start again. But from such promising beginnings, to find ourselves with two total dud contestants, and one that had to be forced in by the producers last minute in order for their to be something (other than the celebrities) to tune in for–it just seems like this show and I are massively out of touch with each other.


But I suppose we must finish what we start. To be fair, some seasons (like last fall) produced three pretty good finalists–as we were reminded last week. If the show only ran once a year, it might not have dud seasons like this.

Oh, but NBC has no programming, so they’d rather shake this for all the golden egg ratings that it’s worth. Too bad this egg seems to be rather dingy.

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