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The Voice Season Six: SemiFinals Elimination

There are times when I really feel out of touch with America. This season on The Voice is one of them.


03.  “Heaven” Jake Worthington
04. “All of Me” Josh Kaufman 
05. “Foolish Games” Kristen Merlin 
12. “Love Runs Out” Josh Kaufman 
13. “Good Ole Boys” Jake Worthington 
18. “Hide and Seek” Christina Grimmie 
27. “Some Nights” Christina Grimmie
31. “Let it Go” Kat Perkins
48. “Gunpowder & Lead” Kristen Merlin 
56 “Chandelier” Kat Perkins 

Seriously America? Seriously? Jake Worthington? And not just Jake, but his god awful treacle number? It even beat douchebro Josh.

I do not understand this country. Christina better pray that her people vote like gangbusters for her to be saved or next week’s finale is going to be two duds versus Kristen Merlin.

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The Voice Season Six: Top Five SemiFinals

We’re nearly finished another season of The Voice, and the slog of boring Battle Rounds has not been made up for by the rushing through of the Live Shows. I know the celebrities have better things to do than remind us they exist every week on network TV. (Wait, no, they don’t.)

The Voice - Season 6


Perhaps Adam’s choice to dye his hair that dreadful color caused the producers to feel that limiting our exposure to the horror of his visage was wise for all involved. I, for one, hope it is back to normal by next fall, or I may have to drop recapping this show for visual safety.

Tonight we start off with what really matters–the celebrities hawking their latest singles. This week it’s coach Usher who cares more about opening the show for your hard earned iTunes single dollars than about the contestant performances.

Tomorrow, in order to spoil what little suspense the finale might hold in terms of competition, we will have a bottom three. Two will go home, and one will be prestamped for third place. At least it’s a Top Three, so one of the coaches will be out of contestants.

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The Voice Season Six: Top 8 Elimination

Lack of real white male eyecandy or talent. It’s the only explanation I have, and I’m sticking to it.

2. “I Can’t Make You Love Me” Josh Kaufman
4. “How To Love” Christina Grimmie
13. “Get Lucky” Kat Perkins
21. “Hillbilly Deluxe” Jake Worthington
28. “I Drive Your Truck” Kristen Merlin
41. “I Believe I Can Fly” Delvin Choice
59. “Forgive” Audra McLaughlin
72. “River Deep Mountain High” Sisaundra Lewis

But the real story is third place. Wow. I’m genuinely shocked that Kat charted that high. She might just escape the bottom half of the pack tonight, which would be bad news for Audra and Kristen. If Kat does end up in the bottom, she walks in with the most mobilized voters, which should worry everyone else.

Let’s get to Adam and that horrific platinum hair and get this done.

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The Voice Season Six: Top 8

We’re only two weeks into the last gimmick of the season, and we’re already down to only eight contestants. As a bonus for getting so far so quickly, we’ll be rewarded with a bottom four tomorrow. Well, you can’t accuse The Voice of not trying to hurry things along. The question is, did the show choose to do that in order to break the trend of the one in the bottom who is “Saved By America” being automatically out next week, by doubling the numbers and therefore the odds? Or are they just making sure that next week’s Top Six results are thoroughly spoilt days in advance? I assume the idea is the former, but money says it will result in the latter.

Speaking of hurrying things along, since we have two full hours and only eight performances by contestants, the show filled those extra slots by looking ahead to Season Seven and pimping their newest celebrity mentors. Yes, both Pharrell and Gwen Stefani are on hand to remind you of their pop culture relevance.

Well, former, pop culture relevance in Gwen’s case, but nevermind.

As for the ongoing extra celebrities “assistants” stuffed into the pre-performance packages in order to get network face time, that’s now reserved for mentors with more than one contestant to work with. (Sorry Shakira and Usher.) Blake brought Gwen Sebastian–who also got to perform in the middle of the show, despite not even being a mentor next season. Maybe we can vote for her to be in the Bottom Four? Adam (and his horrifyingly platinum hair) has James Valentine, a fellow Maroon 5 member you’ve never heard of. They do not get to perform.

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The Voice Season Six: Top 10 Elimination

As I said yesterday, taking a rap/R&B song and pop-izing it was once Idol’s bread and butter. It’s still a  winner today.

3. “Hold On, We’re Going Home” Christina Grimmie
15. “Let Her Go” Kristen Merlin
25. “You Lie” Audra McLaughlin
30. “Landslide” Kat Perkins
32. “This Is It” Josh Kaufman
36. “Run” Jake Worthington
62. “Oh Sherrie” Sisaundra Lewis
72. “Bright Lights” Delvin Choice

Your Top 8, ladies and gentlemen!


Now, I know that iTunes rankings aren’t always the best indicators, and those sitting inside the Top 50 but outside the Top 10 positions are just proof of Country Purchasing Power. (Sisaundra and Delvin criminally under-perform outside the Top 50.) But with Tess already a marked woman and Bria relying on well timed tears to get her through tonight, their lack of selling power is a good indicator of who is out.

Before we get to all that, though, we only have three weeks of shows left after tonight. So it’s time to start hawking the Fall iteration of The Voice. With the Pharrell decision practically old news at this point, and Christina having broken the Gwen news via tweet last night, Carson’s only confirming the line up we already know. it may seem anti-climatic, but after all the Judge casting drama of XFactor and Idol, I’m sure they’re comfortable with this choice of how to proceed.

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The Voice Season Six: Top 10

The Voice is just showing off now. Idol struggled hard in the early rounds to find some guest star, any guest star to show up for results night. Meanwhile, The Voice has so many demanding to use their platform, they’ve had to stick one on performance night ahead of the contestant’s performances. One might, if one mistook this show to be about the contestants, think this a little rude. Luckily, the show has made it very clear it has never been, and never will be about the contestants. They’re just fodder so as to have an excuse for a television show.

But I suppose as far as filler goes, it’s better than watching Jennifer Lopez eat a gummi bear’s ear. It also saves the show from having to face uncomfortable subjects like CeeLo’s exit and Gwen Stefani’s now confirmed taking of Xtina’s seat next season. Blake and Adam really are the backbone of this show. Burnett better pray neither of them decides they need a season off.

The demand for network face time by has been and fading stars must also be high. Adam has Graham Nash, of all people, around to help him coach this week. Usher brought battle rapper Natural. Shakira has producer busbee. Blake has county producer Scott Hendricks.

Onward to the fodder singing their hearts out.

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The Voice Season Six: Top 12 Eliminations

Usher, ladies and gentlemen!

4. “Stay With Me” Josh Kaufman
30. “Stay” Kristen Merlin
38. “Anymore” Jake Worthington
47. “Dark Horse” Christina Grimmie
94. “Magic Man” Kat Perkins
102. “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me” Sisaundra Lewis
110. “Angel of the Morning Audra McLaughlin
124. “Unchained Melody” Delvin Choice
129. “Rolling in the Deep” Bria Kelly
176. “I’ll Be There For You” Tess Boyer
283. “Waiting for the World to Change” TJ Wilkins
298. “Just Give Me a Reason” Dani Moz

Proving that Josh’s single was just that big a hit last night, the original track by Sam Smith has also shot into the Top 25. Also–it looks like those who wanted to hear Kristen, but were robbed when her mic died mid performance, ran out and bought the track. I suspect it would not be charting nearly this high without that mishap. As for Jake, either country fans like them boring or they were mesmerized by the hat.


And unlike Idol, all 12 contestants found their way into the Top 300 cut off on their first time out. Having sales equal votes does wonders.

Now that Carson’s finished recapping, let us get to results.

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