On Commenting

This is Not a Lunch Room. This is a Dinner Party. Please moderate yourselves accordingly.

The Rules for Commenting

Rule #1: Act like you’re going to see the person you’re talking to again tomorrow. Be polite. Be respectful. Remember, if someone pisses you off, don’t be this guy.

Rule #2: Don’t come here and BS. If you’re going to add information to the discussion, or disagree with me or another commenter on facts, come armed.

Rule #3: Give the benefit of the doubt. Unless and until you know that someone is being asshole, assume that they are not.

Rule #4: Whenever possible, be funny.

Rule #5: If I determine that you are not being sufficiently polite and respectful, I will cut you off at the knees. And your comment will be removed. I have a banhammer. I’ve yet to need it. Don’t be the first.

SPEAKING of moderation, the way is works around here is that your first comment has to be approved and then after that you’re good to go. So if you comment and you don’t see it appear instantly, don’t fret. I’ll be doing my best to catch all newbies as quick as I can and approve you straight away.