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New Victoria Trailer from ITV

Much like the last ITV trailer for Victoria, this does not sell the show the way it should, I fear.

It’s not bad, per se. (It’s certainly better than the first clip the gave us.) But it does seem to put Victoria in a girlish, lightweight light. Perhaps for a UK audience the idea is to humanize a grand dame whose latter years portrait looms large in their imaginations. But for Americans, this is not going to sell the show int he same way. After all, Downton Abbey had a proud feminist streak throughout, and PBS understood that was part of the appeal. I’d like to see how they recut this.

Your Daily Kitty Would Like To Give Everyone A Heads Up


Last time we went dark it was a function of crashing, of not knowing where  the limit was and then tripping over it and falling face first with a splat.

This time we have a better idea of what’s happening. And though we don’t have a firm schedule we can give you a heads up now of where things are heading.

Starting in the next day or so, posting will start to become scarcer around these parts as we gear up for the next big project. I will try to get something up every day, but sometimes it might just be Purrbot being adorable or SirEats attempting to fish bacon out of a hot pan while it’s still cooking.

What is that big project? Can’t tell you yet. It’ll be along soon enough.

The Great British Baking Show: Season 3 “Pâtisserie”

After the last episode’s left turn into historical baked creations, we find ourselves in the Top Five and the Quarter finals. For this year’s Quarter Finals the theme is Pâtisserie, with tea time show stoppers all around from the Signature straight through to the oddity creation that constitute’s this episodes Showstopper, with a name that is, appropriately, very French. Let’s have Sue and Mel stop staring at the clouds and get into it.

Our Top Five contests who are left are: Ian, winner of three Star Bakers over the course of the season, Nadiya who has two, Tamal, who has one, and Paul and Flora who are probably mad that Ian and Nadiya are hogging all the Star Baker credits. Paul at least has a special commendation. Flora has….The Anxious Over Kneeler of the Season trophy. As we can tell, it’s sort of obvious who is walking into the tent a favorite and who is walking in an underdog. Still, Ian has had more bad days than good recently, so anyone’s game, etc.

flora freaking

The three Pâtisserie, challenges this week are Cream Horn Signature, a Mokatine Technical and a Showstopper with the impossible to pronounce French name of Religieuse à l’ancienne. it’s so hard to pronounce, everyone spend the back half of the episode referring to everyone’s “Nuns.” It’s not as dirty as you think, I promise.

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Tunes for Tuesday: Sia ft Sean Paul “Cheap Thrills”

If someone were to make a song that captured the sound of the mid twenty teens, it would have the following hallmarks:

  • a raggae type beat, either real or faux
  • a female vocalist
  • a male voice on the bridge and/or the breakdown
  • electronic riffs that aren’t to-to EDM.

Bullet point one is why Sean Paul, after a decade of dormancy, is now the featured artist on Sia’s new number one track (which finally knocked Drake’s “One Dance” out of the Billboard penthouse after 10 weeks and counting.) Bullet points 2-4 are why this is Sia’s first Number One hit of her career.

This is from Sia’s album This Is Acting, which is a compilation of tracks she wrote for other artists that they then rejected. Unsurprisingly, this was originally meant for Rihanna. (Sia wrote RiR’s Number One hit “Diamonds” a couple of years back.) It seems to have all worked out in Sia’s favor though. The best part is that this track was actually released five months ago, but it took the heat kicking in and the summertime vibe to finally give it the push it needed to get all the way up the charts.


Stephen Colbert May Not Be Stephen Colbert But He Still Has The Werd

As we noted last week, the lack of bringing back Stephen Colbert after the triumphant return during the DNC was odd, until Stephen Colbert explained that Comedy Central’s Asinine Lawyers had decided he didn’t own that part of his persona anymore. He then immediately made up an identical twin Stephen Colbert and thumbed his nosed at them with “The Werd” instead of “The Word.”

The good news is that, at least until Comedy central decides to engender the wrath of Colbert’s fans and sue, CBS seems to have approved the work around. More to the point, they are taking to heart the reviews of Colbert’s performance and his return to the political arena, which included (but were not limited to) The New York Times pleading for Colbert to stay there, since it was obvious this is where he was happiest.

Hello, and welcome to The Werd. Let us all hope it is here to stay.

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