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American Idol XIV: Top 10 “Movie Night”

I will give Idol’s new schedule this. Once a week for two hours really does make it feel less oppressively slow. And we’re already about to be down to ten contestants, and March isn’t even over yet. This is officially the fastest the show has moved in since 2002.

What sucks though is that the themes haven’t been solved. I can understand not wanting to get rid of them. Theme nights were part of what defined Idol in the early years, forcing singers to have to adapt on the fly. But the problem is the themes they seem to go back to weren’t the ones that worked. Take tonight’s theme. Movie Night does not force a country singer to have to sing a Disco Tune. Next week? It’s 80s night. These are tired themes that don’t add to the proceedings. They merely limit them.


At least the songs chosen this year aren’t the really tired ones. I’m grateful Against All Odds isn’t on the list, nor I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing. So let see what other uninspired choices will bored us silly this evening…

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American Idol XIII: Top 11 Elimination

I don’t think we can sugar coat the moving of the elimination episode to 9pm. Its’ not a good sign.

It’s not the end of the world–after all, Idol elimination episodes at 9pm were once a thing. (They were also only thirty minutes, and apparently that is coming.) But in its later years, FOX has tried to force Idol into a set schedule. No more allowing the performance episodes to shorten as contestants are eliminated–performance shows fill two hours. Some how. Any how. (Personally, I don’t mind the duets that came of this, or the years where two songs a night came earlier.) Results shows are an hour at 8pm to work as a solid lead in for other programming.

But Idol is no longer that lead in apparently. Instead now it is the program lead into, by the tried and true Volunteer To Be Yelled At By Gordon Ramsey. Well that’s fine. Now let’s get back to 30 minutes or my next eliminated contestant is free.

Mean, Ryan is already crying shock!boot tonight. Huzzah, that must mean MK is safe.

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American Idol XIII: Top 11″Songs From the Cinema”

This is the final major elimination milestone week. After tonight it doesn’t matter who goes home, because they’ll all be going on tour.

Though the ratings are weaker than they’ve ever been and the last couple of years have been so anemic they’ve had to cancel shows, the Idol Tour is on, promises Ryan. They’ll be playing all summer to sold out crowds…. Oh, will they? Did you not just read my last sentence Ryan? Are you reading the prompter instead? Why must you turn this Idol Stage into a House of Lies?

Harry would like you to know he invented a new catch phrase: “In It To Win It.” Harry’s dislike of Randy continues to be a palatable thing, especially after last week when Randy (ever the producer mouthpiece) tried to tell him he was too mean to the contestants. Like we at home would think these kids were somehow doing a great job if the judges lied to us. We tried that Randy–that’s why you’re not on the judging panel anymore.

Last week this theme was introduced as “Songs From The Soundtrack of My Life.” They’ve dropped the self help guru talk and have renamed it the slightly hoity-toity “Songs from the Cinema.” This is all a way of saying it is the tried and true Movie Night Theme. Gods help us if someone sings Against All Odds though. Know your Idol History kids!

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American Idol 10: Double Elimination

Damn, this show is fast becoming a sausage fest.  In four weeks, we’ve sent home four girls and saved one guy.  If Nigel and Company were really hoping to break the White Guy With Guitar streak that took over Idol in it’s third incarnation (seasons 7-9), it’s doing a piss poor job of it.

One thing Nigel and company have finally decided to fix is the goddamn 60 minute elimination shows.  Seriously–when the elimination show is 60 minutes long and I can fast forward through the filler parts, and find that the show took less than 10 minutes to actually watch, you have a show with the word DVR RATINGS VICTIM tattoo’d across the top.

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American Idol 10: Top 11 Redux

Notes: I was remiss last week in noting yet another huge influence by the most awesomest judge J.Lo.  We overheard her at the end of Top 12 week saying to Naima and her pitch problems during the post elimination scrum “I’ll talk to Mark….”  At the time, I assumed she was talking about someone on the sound crew.

Nope, she meant Mr Jennifer Lopez himself Marc Anthony, who came in and did something I’m not sure has been done in the history of the show–he taught them how to use those goddamn ear monitors properly.  The difference it made last week was why it was so hard to chose who went home, since everyone sounded great.

This is a good problem to have.  We have it again this week.  Seriously, Jennifer Lopez? She keeps paying off in spades.

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American Idol 10: Top 11 Elimination Episode

Finally, an elimination episode worth blogging about.  Because no one was eliminated.  Go Figure.

It helped that this was the first bottom three that wasn’t completely predictable–raise you hand if you had Stefano as part of the Bottom Two?  Didn’t think so.  But Ryan’s overuse of the word “shock!” was a dead give away that something was afoot this evening, random Hulk Hogan sightings aside. (Man, that divorce must’ve really taken him to the cleaners.  I knew he’s invested heavily in TNA and was doing everything he could to build the brand, and I still didn’t see that cameo coming.)  Continue reading American Idol 10: Top 11 Elimination Episode

American Idol 10: Top 11 Performances

No theme weeks, eh Nigel?  That sure didn’t last long.  I guessed faced with the prospect of Scotty singing a country tune every week, you guys felt the pull of the old format…oh wait.

Notes: Cracked Out Ryan was back tonight.  Perhaps the extra time for a two hour show and 11 contestants made him feel like he has free range to do nutty stuff like bring up the whole first row to hug a contestant, or the whole business with Stefano’s mother’s leftover pasta.  I felt like Ryan was rattling the bars of his gilded cage hard tonight.

J.Lo continues to bring excellent critiques–when she feels like it.  I think it shows which contestants she’s invested in as opposed to those she’s not.  I also like her little “listing” of things, it was a cute trick that makes her sound serious.  I continue to think that joining the Idol panel was the smartest career move J.Lo has made.

(Was S.Ty really distracted tonight by the fact that one of his bandmates surprised him by showing up?  He seemed unnerved by that for some reason.)

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