Amazing Make Up Transformations

Just in time for Halloween, this make up designs by Hikaru Cho are stunning transformations of faces and bodies.


For those who might be in a bit of Face Off withdrawal, this post should help tide you over a bit. Check out some of the optical illusions below.

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Doctor Who: Iconic Art

With Halloween coming up, and the Doctor having returned to the airwaves, the good folks over at have come up with an iconic art series featuring all thirteen Doctors (yes, even the War Doctor) to celebrate his return.


Interesting to note which image of the Doctor they used for each poster–for some, there’s really only one image that will do, for others they deliberately picked something that throws you off.

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Off Duty Storm Troopers

These photographs are from artist Jorge Perez Higuera. Entitled The Other Side, it is a study of the daily routine in other men’s lives.


From his website:

Thus, the working class bases its daily routine on what is needed whereas the upper class does it on what is desired according to its preferences and cultural demands. As a response to such contrast, Thornstein B. Veblen proposed the existence of a new social class, “the leisure class”, promoting it as the social class that lets the others perform the less pleasant tasks to be able to carry out the most appealing ones.

The Other Side represents the routine of diverse individuals in order to manifest the importance of daily routine by decontextualizing a fictional character and showing its adaptation to our world.  

More of the banality of a day in the life of the oppressor, after the jump.

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