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XFactor Live Shows Return Tomorrow, Oct 31st

Since baseball had the graciousness to be efficient, Simon Cowell will take advantage of getting his regularly scheduled slots back, and run XFactor on Wed/Thurs instead of the originally announced Thurs/Sun schedule.

From the press release.

Following the conclusion of the 2012 World Series, THE X FACTOR’s Top 16 acts will perform live for the first time on a special two-hour-and-seven-minute show Wednesday, Oct. 31 (8:00-10:07 PM live/ PT tape-delayed) on FOX. Hosts Khloé Kardashian Odom and Mario Lopez will take THE X FACTOR stage alongside judges Simon Cowell, Demi Lovato, Britney Spears and L.A. Reid. Then, on Thursday, Nov. 1 (8:00-10:00 PM ET live/PT tape-delayed), the Top Finalists will be revealed, and return the following week to face America’s vote.

It’s about time baseball did Simon a solid. Maybe now we can call it even.


XFactor: Top 16 Revealed Screwed By Baseball

Houston, Simon Cowell has a baseball problem.

This is not the first time. Last year the Judge’s houses were delayed due to baseball, but in that instance it wasn’t such a big deal. One turned on FOX, saw there was baseball and a crawl saying tonight’s episode will happen tomorrow and tomorrow’s episode on Sunday. The cut was clean. And besides–it was just the Judges Houses. It wasn’t the big reveal of who was going to the live shows.

Tonight was a little different. See, the rain delay was still going on, so Fox was suddenly stuck at 8pm with no programming. Rules say that if there’s baseball they must air it. But there was technically no baseball being played, just players standing around looking up at the rain coming down.

So they made the worst call possible. The showed a rerun of Ben and Kate. While that aired, they determined the game would restart after primetime ended. So at 8:45pm they started airing the XFactor Reveal episode anyway, long after casual fans had changed the channel and settled in with something else for the night. Recappers and hardcore fans (of which, let’s face it, there are not that many) rushed to the scene and started recapping. But Oh No. At 9:45–one hour and ten contestants into the episode–and with no warning–the brain trust at FOX abruptly switched to a Mindy Project rerun and announced via the internet that the XFactor episode you had just been watching would be re-aired in full–on TUESDAY. Opposite The Voice. Baseball recommenced playing at 10:05pm. (So much for restarting after primetime ended.)

So I’m a little stumped on how to proceed.

  • I could follow the professional model of TVLine and EW: List the ten contestants who were revealed tonight and say you’ll get the other six on Tuesday.
  • Meanwhile, over on MJsBigBlog: Being a New Englander and a hardcore fan site, she simply swapped over to CTV (which many northern states get) and continued watching XFactor uninterrupted, as the Canadian channels do not have FOX’s baseball hangup. (During last year’s baseball delay, FOX blocked CTV from airing XFactor, forcing the hardcore sites to watch internet streams.) So she got 14 of 16–FOX forced CTV to go to an XFactor rerun at the very last minute once they got their shit together.
  • I could just leave this post here with no details of what transpired during the first hour of the XFactor reveal episode and insist we wait until Tuesday.
  • Or I could just list the entire 16 under the cutaway because let’s face it–this is the second decade of the 21st century and, hello!, we have the internet, and the spoilers have been out there for a while now–and the 14 of MJ’s merely confirm that list.

You know, I almost feel sorry for Cowell. FOX is taking his already-flagging-in-the-ratings show, screwed up one of the biggest episodes of the season, and has decided to rerun it in an “already partially aired, already mostly spoiled” state, and force it to go head to head with The Voice, a show that mysteriously seems to be dominating in the ratings, despite being the worst of the three. (Can I refuse to believe The Voice rates that high in most households? Can I get an Unskewed Ratings site to help me with these numbers?)

Sad really–how long can XFactor last under these conditions? I’d hate to see it be the one to lose out in this three way battle of Voice-XFactor-Idol.

But thems the breaks. And this is the second decade of the 21st century. Spoilers, if you want them, after the jump.

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X-Factor Judge’s Houses Postpones Due To Baseball

With one rainstorm, FOX’s grand experiment in trying to have hit shows in the fall is derailed. With the success of Glee, the cult following of Fringe and Simon leaving Idol to launch X-Factor, Fox decided, instead of just writing off September through November and then biding their time until Idol swoops in and single-handedly wins the network the 18-25 demographic for the year, that they would show everyone they could have both Fall ratings and Spring ratings.

The only problem is they conveniently forgot about baseball’s unpredictability. Continue reading X-Factor Judge’s Houses Postpones Due To Baseball