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Mad Men Season Seven: Waterloo

“Bravo” – Bert Cooper

Bravo. Hell, I would have yelled encore had that been a live performance, through my tears at Bert’s closing dance number. I’m not sure what I’d be yelling it for more–for Bert or for Roger. Or maybe for Don, for Peggy or for Sally. No, I think it was for this episode, which somehow managed to top the magic that was last week and bring it all on home.


If we had to divide this season in half and wait until 2015 to see the rest of 1969, this was the way to do it.

As for what happened…what DIDN’T happen? In history, this was the week of the moon landing and Neil Armstrong’s famous walk. But it was a day of historical import for the rest of the world in Sterling Cooper. In family land, Don’s marriage finally ended (thank god) and Sally Draper kissed a boy. In the office, Peggy made the Burger Chef pitch, and brought the client to tears in a way that only Don ever has. Ted came home to NYC. Cutler made his move to oust Don and take control of the agency. Roger stepped up and beat him. Harry lost his chance at that partnership.

But it was the death of Bert Cooper that mattered most.

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Mad Men Season Seven: “Field Trip”

“He is a very talented man, but how does he fit in to everything now?” -Joan

Technically, it’s Betty who goes on the class field trip with Bobby. But, as always, it’s Don’s travels which matter more.



Don travels twice this episode. First up: LA (mid week because why the fuck not?) Word, via Silver, her agent, has gotten back to Don that Megan is “losing her nerve” begging to re-audition for parts and crying at directors for more chances. She’s forgotten “Fake It Till You Make It” is the law of the land out there. Can you blame her? If she fails in LA, she has nothing to go back to but New York and a husband she’s no longer in love with, who is lying to her about having a job. I’d be frantically interrupting directors at lunch too. Honestly, I’m not sure why Don went out there, except the hubris he could magically do something. Showing up midweek causes Megan to immediately ask if he’s been fired, which was way too close to home. He could delay the inevitable with sex, but once he was out there, it wasn’t long before she started asking the hard questions. After all, she was his secretary. She knows what the office sounds like, and when he calls “from the office” it’s too quiet. He can accuse her of acting like a lunatic over her career all her likes. At least she has one.

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Mad Men Season 7: What Do We Know?

Mad Men is finally back this Sunday! What do we know? Nothing! Well, that’s not true. Weiner wishes we knew nothing. But we know more than you think. Flavorwire does the math for us.

Mad-Men-Season-7-Promo-Photos-Part-2 (1)

For instance:

  • It’s more like Seasons 7 and 8.

The season is split in half over two years the same way they did Breaking Bad. We knew that going in. Because once this is over in June 2015, AMC doesn’t have anything other than The Walking Dead. Don’t let me they have Turn. I saw the trailers and got all excited for 18th century fashion. Then I saw the reviews. That one is kind. Let’s hope they manage to pull something out before Mad Men ends.

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Then and Now: Mad Men

It’s been a decade since we originally met the characters in Mad Men. Next week, we start their final year, 1969, to see how they’ll close out the decade. (It’s not a spoiler to say it’s 1969. It’s a fact. Weiner isn’t jumping to 1974 or anything at this point. Even the teasers are “hello end of the 60s!”)

(Yes, Bowie’s “Man Who Sold The World” was actually released in 1970. We’re still not jumping ahead.)

I don’t know about you, but since we’re in a spoiler-free, trailer free zone now, all that’s left is nostalgia. Let’s look back on some of our favorite characters, then and now.

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More Mad Men Season 7 Pics

I should have known. Mad Men loves to drib and drab out their promotions. Over the weekend, they continued to add to the collection of “Mad Men On A Plane” stills.

The good news: We get a much better shot of Peggy’s outfit, and she’s in the forefront with all the other guys from Sterling Draper behind her. (Note Harry still favors the scarves and Stan’s still in a shaggy jacket.) But they are all out of her way.

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Mad Men Season Six: The Better Half


“Status quo, ante bellum.” – Arlene


Don is finally not the only one kissing other women in this marriage. Megan’s (bisexual? closet lesbian?) co-star Arlene, who we last saw trying to get both Don and Megan into bed with her and her husband decides it time to try to just get Megan into bed, husbands need not apply. The scene between them as Megan cluelessly gives off all the wrong signals and suddenly finds herself in a very embarrassing situation was almost as funny as the sight of her as her “twin” in a blonde wig on their terrible soap opera.


But when it comes to funny, nothing beats Peggy stabbing Abe with a harpoon.

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