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A Surprise Subway “Circle of Life”

Brought to you by the cast of The Lion King.


“Heathers: The Musical” Pics

Today marks the 25th anniversary of Heathers. One of the most very movies I saw as an impressionable preteen, it convinced me of several untrue facts: Christian Slater was the hottest man alive, that killing popular kids was a normal thing every high schooler does, and when I got to high school, everyone would have the same name except me.


Which is why it depresses me hopelessly to hear that the Musical adaptation is looking to strive “a more hopeful tone” to their redone ending.

All together now: “Fuck me gently with a chainsaw.”

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The Muppets Take Broadway?

Apparently life is considering imitating art again:

Disney Theatrical Prods. has quietly initiated early explorations of a live stage show featuring the Muppets, commencing late last month with a short but elaborate presentation directed by Alex Timbers.

I’m already sold. If you won’t give me a reboot of The Muppet Show for the 21st century where I can have the Muppets do SNL versions of The Voice and Justin Timberlake guest stars, then at least give me this.

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Project Runway All Stars: On Broadway

And then there were seven. Did you know Austin does Kenley’s hair? Fun fact of the day!

This week Angela has been set up on the Godspell stage over at Circle in the Square theater. Apparently Steven Sondheim doesn’t do reality shows and Andrew Lloyd Webber is busy starring in his own, because we’re stuck with Steven Schwartz, which is why we’re designing for Godspell and not a bigger show. The challenge is to design a costume for the “rich bitch archetype” character (remember from the high school performance I’m sure you’ve seen–this show doesn’t have named characters)–the reward will be having the costume featured in a performance and their bio in a program insert (because they’re not going to print a whole run of playbills just for one show.) Since Godspell is an ensemble piece, and the costumes are all supposed to look like the actors brought the clothes from their own closet, this is a separates challenge.

One day challenge, budget is $200. There’s tons of brocade and lame purchased at Mood, and shots of Austin whispering “BROADWAY!” to himself complete with jazz hands. I’ve noticed this season they have a moment every episode where they praise the Needless markup accessory wall. You know–Bluefly and Green-whoever who replaced Bluefly on regular ProjRun never need people to do that for them. I’m just saying.

Joanna! says Austin must have robbed a bank with all the gold brocade on his table. Joanna calls his fabric hideous and then says she’s sure he’ll turn it into something fabulous in tone that says she thinks no such thing. Kara says she’s a huge Broadway fan and then shows the most boring outfit ever. Joanna does not fall asleep, which is good of her, but sneers that this is has no ambition or imagination. Kara bursts into tears. Mila managed to find gold lame that has tiny little stripes, so it’s very Mila. She worries that her usual aesthetic which suggests making a pencil skirt from some really horrid fabric would not be in character, and perhaps she should make a dirndl instead. Joanna points out that pencil skirts are what rich women wear, and with the sole exception of Heidi Klum, dirndls are not. Moving on! Joanna threatens Mondo she might break into song. His idea is that of stolen clothes from others. Joanna just worries it won’t read big enough on stage. Jerell is making stretchy things that girls can dance in, and calls his jacket “a piece of jewelry” she repeats that back to him in a doubtful tone, but he either ignores that or is oblivious to it. I’m going to guess the latter. Joanna nearly faints when she discovers Kenley is not using polka dots. But looking at the brocade and the other printed fabrics, the patterns are pretty spotty. Kenley is also considering a pencil skirt. They skip Michael’s critique and Joanna swans out.

Mondo hates his pieces once he sees them on the moddle and scraps everything and starts again. He’s still all wound up from his negative review last week. Kenley is overproud of her work. Kara is feeling stupid for the tizzy she drove herself into after Joanna’s review. Mila is discovering that faux fur does not work the way her usual boring fabrics do. Austin is running around yelling at people for stealing his machine and trying to fix the ones other people broke. Silly dramaz. Let’s go to the runway.

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Tony Awards 2011

The annual Broadway advertising segment known as the Tony Awards went off last night.Neil Patrick Harris reminded us that he should be first in line to host everything, always. There were musical numbers in nearly every segment, almost all which showed why, if you like this sort of thing, these shows were going to be the sort of thing you liked. The creators of South Park took home nine trophies for The Book Of Mormon, a moving culmination of their success story. Best of all, Bono was humble!

There were a few dud moments. The opening number was marred by a painful turn by Brooke Shields, who showed she could neither read a teleprompter, nor get a line right without multiple takes, and then was so embarrassed she couldn’t shut up about it later. Christie Brinkley also did herself no favors with a painfully delivered introduction of something else, suggesting that her turn in Chicago next season of will be feast of bed reviews.

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