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Carrie Underwood To Star in The Sound Of Music

How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria? asked Andrew Lloyd Webber in his first reality series. Apparently NBC decided to solve it with one of the biggest Idol stars to ever come out of the show.

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American Idol 12: Top Seven Eliminations

Once more into the eliminations dear friends. Who will Lazaro outlast this week? Burnell? or (gasp) a girl? If that girl isn’t Amber, how fast will Randy whip out The Save? We’re about due for a shock!boot…..

Not only are the Idol rating falling week by week, but so are their voting totals. Gone are the days of 50million+. Now we boast of 25million. Still impressive, yes, but it’s got nothing on the show’s heyday. And you have to remember, these number include on line voting. How the mighty fall.

The commercial “mission” this week concerns them dressing up and getting made up and going to a photo shoot. I am perplexed how this is a do-gooder “mission.”

Let’s get this show on the road.

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Phillips Overtakes Clarkson, Is Now Best Selling Idol Ever

Congratulations, Jimmy Iovine.

Phillip Phillips’ “Home” this week surpasses Kelly Clarkson’s“Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)” to become the best-selling song ever released by an American Idol alumnus. “Home” has sold 4,262,000 digital copies. “Stronger” has sold 4,245,000.

“Stronger” wore the Idol sales crown for about eight months. It surpassed Carrie Underwood’s “Before He Cheats” on July 1, 2012. Underwood’s smash held the title for nearly five years. It surpassed Clarkson’s “Since U Been Gone” on Aug. 19, 2007.

Dear The Voice…and also Simon Cowell. Beat that. I dare you. Getting “Home” on the Olympics soundtrack was the savviest move ever by anyone in the reality singing competition universe.

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Grammys 2013: Idol Still Rules

The Grammys 2013 were a painful affair. I cannot fathom who thought giving Taylor Swift the opening number was a good idea, but the performance was incoherently staged and her vocals started things off with a whimper. Follow that up with LL Cool J making everything about him and sucking all the air from the room every time he showed up and then a performance where the audio went horribly wrong when Miranda Lambert attempted to reclaim “Over You” from Cassadee Pope selling out with it on the The Voice, and you had a very bad opening 30 minutes, from which the show never quite recovered.

No Beyoncé. No Adele. No Gaga. No Pink. The best performances at this year’s carnival of music were American Idol alumni. Frank Ocean was interesting, but I think more forgettable than his winning over Chris Brown (who we all hope falls into a collective memory hole, and soon.) The Black Keys would have been good, but after an hour of Mumford and Sons and fun. and so many faux folk pop just like them, blended into mush.

No, not even the return on JT could rouse this awards show into something worth watching. I was surprised, but perhaps I should not have been. I was underwhelmed by the single Timberlake released two weeks ago. I was similarly underwhelmed by his performance tonight.

In 2006, when FutureSex/LoveSounds hit, it sounded new and fresh and pushing forward.  Everything I’ve heard from Suit&Tie so far sounds the opposite, looking backwards, retro. The problem is, Xtina already did it, and better.

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Jessica Sanchez: For The Good of the Idol Franchise?

Does idol really need another WGWG winner?

A long time ago, in what seems to have been another era, Idol couldn’t land a white rocker style male winner for any amount of money. They got close in season five, but Daughtry was like the winner who got away, going out fourth and then landing hit after hit anyway. It wasn’t until season seven, when Idol made the fateful choice to give the white rocker boys their guitars in hopes of somehow landing a Daughtry that their luck changed.

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Billboard Music Awards 2012

A few notes from last night’s event–with no Adele and no Beyoncé performances, the show felt mainly like an afterthought. Noted that currently Idol winner Scotty McCreery won nothing, once again indicative of his true standing in the music industry of another WGWG with little staying or selling power.

Meanwhile Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood took advantage of being the biggest powerhouses on the bill to remind us that they are still the platinum standard that all Idol alum are reaching to be.

After the jump, Carrie’s latest hit, “Blown Away.”

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Idol All Time Top Ten Performances

Inspired by people calling Joshua’s “Man’s World” one of the “All Time Top Ten Idol Performances,” I thought I would do a post where I rounded up what I consider to be the “All Time Top Ten from seasons 1-10,” in order to be able to judge more easily. Please note–these are only from the Final rounds. Semi-finals were not considered eligible

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