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Post Modern Jukebox and Casey Abrams: “Umbrella” Cover

PMJ has been so good to Haley Reinhart, it’s not surprising that Casey Abrams is following her example here. But it’s the tap dancers are what really make it for me.


American Idol 12: Top Nine Elimination

Idol results! Let’s cut another boy! By the way, Jimmy has fired 110 assistants. He dares the camera people filming “to put that on their f*cking show.” So they do, complete with Godfather music. It’s not good when he’s the thing I look forward to the most on the show, is it?

Oh, well, him and Ryan Seacrest, who is here to promise us a surprise, maybe. I assume he is referring to the save, which will only be used on a girl. No surprise there!

“The Top Three” and the rankings have mysteriously disappeared. Did everyone yelling that taking a page from XFactor was the absolute opposite of what Idol should be doing sway the saner heads who had always overruled Nigel on this subject? Or are we only going to see it if and when the top three aren’t Kree, Candice and Angie? Because showing us an unchanging Top Three week after week was exactly what made the rankings reveals over on XFactor so terrible. Hmmm.

Oh, has anyone else noticed that the pimpomericals have disappeared this season? Did Ford drop Idol? (Does that mean the Top Two won’t get brand new cars?)

Let’s get to Jimmy’s opinions, the performances and who is gone.

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American Idol 10: Top 6 Elimination


Ding Dong, Casey’s gone.  I said it yesterday, and my opinion did not change watching it back. Left to his own devices, and a few weeks of feeling safe, Casey forgot why he needed to be saved in the first place and reverted back to growling and playacting. Not only was what he did an insult to having been saved, but it was unmarketable. Huzzah for another week of Jacob!

I was only sorry that Lauren didn’t round out that bottom three* group left on stage (*sorry, did you notice, Ryan never actually called them the bottom three? These little details matter. Idol is not Project Runway where they lie to us with impunity, as if we don’t have the internet. If they don’t actually say it’s the bottom three during the broadcast, that’s probably because it wasn’t.) Instead we got the visual of Scotty not being so front runner after all. Was he really in the bottom? Or was that a ploy to gin his fan base?

It was good to see and hear Crystal again. I hope she gets more airplay.

The best news? The theme next week is “Now and Then” (Then being the 60s, natch.) Did you just do the math? Next week, we get TWO SONGS EACH by the contestants!!  I am OVER THE MOON.

American Idol 10: Top 6 Performances

American Idol finally got around to the Carole King songbook this evening. It was only about four or five seasons later than they should have, and on a season where they’ve been trumpeting how 21st century they’ve become. Well, the stripes, they don’t really change on the animal, no matter how hard it strains.

My first reaction was “6 contestants, 90 minutes?” Less Filler Tastes Great, too bad Idol thinks it’s Filler time. I was therefore pleasantly surprised to see said filler was actually taking a page from the last two season’s Top Four week, where rather than make the contestants do two songs a piece, they had them do one plus a duet in order to give the judges more time to blather and preen. Adding it to Top 6 instead week meant we got more music not less, of which I highly approved. Especially because it gave me hope: If they’re already getting the Idols to do one-and-a-half songs by Top 6, that might just mean we get our old two-songs-each starting on Top Five week like we used to. I continue to hope the producers learned their lesson, that the longer ramp up is really needed by contestants, after Lee’s crash and burn during last year’s finale. This is a sign that they did. I’m holding onto it with both hands, so don’t let me down guys.

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American Idol 10: Top 7 Performances

I WAS PROMISED BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN.  Stupid Idol rumor mongers.


So tonight was Songs from the 21st Century. Noted that Ryan said the songs had to be *recorded* post millennium, not just released. Nice closing of that loophole, boys.

Also of note, this is the first time in the History of Idol we’ve had the cast offs come back before the finale and do a number. I actually didn’t pay that much attention–it was just a group of indistinguishable girls (and Paul and his suit!)  See Jimmy, I’ve forgotten them already. They went out in 13th, 12th, 11th, 10th, 9th place. They don’t get record deals on par with those who make the top 5. Stop trying to make the cast-offs happen. (Also, could we stop with the Junior Varsity Pyro? Thanks.)

As for the actual contestants still left in the competition…. Continue reading American Idol 10: Top 7 Performances

American Idol 10: Top 8 Eliminiation

Thank god, a guy finally went home, so Nigel and co can’t spend another week fanning the flames of “American Idol Voter” controversy.  Talk about screwing your long term viability for a short term q-rating fix.

What a difference Paul’s elimination was compared to Pia’s.  This is the difference between someone doing it for the fame, and someone doing it for the love of music.  Paul didn’t break down into sobs like his life was over.  He knows perfectly well he’ll be on stage this time next week, albeit one that’s a little smaller, and maybe one with a crowd that was a little bigger than it was back in January.  He was never trying to make the top five, he was just trying to make some connections, and ensure that he never has to quit doing this and get a real job.

Mission accomplished.  Here’s to you and your ridiculous rose suits, Paul McDonald.  Here’s to you.

American Idol 10: Top 8 Performances

The theme this week was song from cinema.  Considering that this is the theme that usually brings with it “Against All Odds,” “I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing” and “Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman,” I was expecting a completely miserable show.  Instead I got a show that was only half miserable!  There were actual risks taken.  There were interesting song choices made.  And then there were Paul and Lauren.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.  The judging once again was terrible.  At least Randy made a move at one point to say something wasn’t the best thing heard on the idol stage, but it was too little too late.  By the time he finally got to a contestant he’d been told to pan, I’d stopped listening three contestants ago. J.Lo was worse than useless.  I wish I knew who told her to stop being real up there. They did her a real disservice. (Curiously, the change seems to have occurred the same time Will.i.am started showing up to work everyday. Coincidence?) The fact that all three judges blew sunshine up contestant after contestant’s ass was proof that the idol brass has not gotten the message that a Kinder Gentler Judging Panel is going over like a lead balloon.  The critiques from the judges were so bad, I not only found myself missing Simon, but silently rifling through my mental catalog of his Standard Issue Idol Takedowns to guess which chestnut he would’ve pulled out this week for each contestant.  I have included them below in my recaps. Continue reading American Idol 10: Top 8 Performances