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Idol Weekend Rumors Roundup

I don’t expect anything to be confirmed before FOX’s upfront later this week, but the leaks came fast and furious all weekend. All the dirt, after the jump.

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X-Factor Auditions Continued

The longer these go on, the more this show feels like a second-rate America’s Got Talent.

Part of it is Cowell’s own fault. When Idol blocked him from bringing X-Factor to the states for five years, Cowell’s response was to create and produce the “Got Talent” series. Got Talent was derivative of X-Factor, but here in the states, we didn’t know that, as X-Factor didn’t run here. So now that X-Factor is here, its shock value has already been marred by a “been-there, seen-that” feeling.

But we did get a second helping of Cheryl Cole and her non-offensive persona! In honor of that, I present the following tribute.

Most of the auditions were nothing to write home about. Even those put through were mostly forgettable, or just odd. I have to believe they did find talent, but it was just that they were so busy showing us the freak show they didn’t have room to let us see any of it. I’m really hoping that when we get to bootcamp next week, we’ll see people who can sing and not a random assortment of odds, ends and carnival freaks.

There were a couple worth mentioning….

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X-Factor USA: Premiere

The X-Factor has finally come to American shores, and Simon Cowell has finally returned to our televisions. In honor of these milestones, I am recapping the premiere episode.

I won’t lie–I HATE audition episodes. Loathe them. I haven’t watched the Idol ones since season three, and I refuse to watch them anywhere else, from SYTYCD to The Voice. If it’s pre-recorded, count me out. I’m in it for the live performances, please and thanks.

X-Factor tries to merge the live show with the audition in their format, holding the auditions in front of a stadium full of other hopefuls and their families. If this was supposed to somehow make the auditions more palatable, it was a miserable failure. In fact, what it did bring home was the comparison between the auditions for first season of Idol, and the over produced sight of thousands upon thousands screaming in a frightening Nightmare-At-The-Apollo-On-Steroids apocalyptic vision. What a difference a decade makes.

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Cheryl Cole Back on X-Factor? Except not.

This was the story over the weekend.

Sources tell The Hollywood Reporter that Cheryl has been offered a gig on X Factor—apparently to serve as a judge as planned. It’s not clear whether Cheryl has accepted. While the Cole drama has only created tiny ripples here in the US, the situation has blown up big time in the UK, where factions for FOX reality chief, Mike Darnell and Simon Cowell point fingers at each other. Reportedly, Cheryl’s manager Will.i.am “personally reproached” Simon for the way that Cheryl has been treated.

Sources tell EW that Cheryl “wasn’t quite herself” during her four days of filming X Factor judges rounds in LA and Chicago, potentially due to nerves or just feeling out of her environment with the new show. “After the Chicago auditions, producers suggested she might be happier returning to the UK panel and her management clearly indicated she’d be happy to consider that,” a source tells EW. “It wasn’t meant to be the case she was ‘being fired.’ She was offered an alternative [to work on the UK version] for more money where they thought she might be happier.”

And then this is the story today.

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X-Factor Issues: Cheryl Cole Now Not on Either Version

Simon took her off X-Factor UK to come be a big crossover hit in the US. But now she’s not going to be on X-Factor US either. You know what that means: TABLOID FODDER!

Only a month ago Simon Cowell told the world Cheryl Cole was ‘special’.

Last night, however, the TV mogul and the pop star were at war – through their ‘people’ – amid claims her advisers demanded £2.5million for her to return to the UK X Factor after her shock axing from the U.S. version of the show.

It came after ITV issued a statement confirming that the Girls Aloud star will not feature in its judging panel for the TV talent contest. Continue reading X-Factor Issues: Cheryl Cole Now Not on Either Version

Cheryl Cole Out On X-Factor

The reports are that, for reason not totally explained, Cole is leaving X-Factor, and worse, being replaced with Nicole Scherzinger. If they’re going to boot Cole, shouldn’t they just go to a three-panel judging system? If the reason they’re booting her is she doesn’t get along with Paula, how well do you think Nicole is going to get along with her? Somehow I doubt it’s going to be much better…and what are they going to do about the auditions already filmed?

Sigh. There goes my dose of heavy British accent every week.