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The Superhero of Cosplay


The Best of NYCC 2015 Cosplay

As always, when a large-scale con arrives in town, like New York Comic Con, so do the cosplayers, in full regalia. This year’s NYCC was no exception, with everything from bizarre characters we’ve never seen to the highest profile marketed characters imaginable. And Deadpools. So many, many Deadpools.

Here now we present the best looks we saw over the three days of NYCC 2015.

a hulk buster

Probably the most noticed of the con: the 9 1/2 foot tall Hulkbuster.

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Cats In Kimonos

Because my friends know me so well, this rainy Friday I was sent a post entitled “Welcome to the World of Cats In Kimonos.”


To say the following pictures are amazeballs would undersell the experience. I know that cats and pets are worshipped in Japan. But as a cat lover who also likes having, I dunno, my face intact? I would never in a million years do this to my cats.

That doesn’t make those who do any less worthy of respect. In fact, my hat is off to each and every one.

Check out some more of my favorites below.

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