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Doctor Who: Nightmare In Silver


It was too much to hope that Gaiman’s second outing with the Doctor would hit the same high water mark as”The Doctor’s Wife.” But after two weeks of Very Good Episodes, it was a disappointing fall off.

Porridge: Sometimes we fought to a draw but then they’d upgrade themselves, fix the weaknesses and destroy us. It’s hard to fight an enemy that uses your armies as spare parts.

The concept of the Cyber Planner entering the Doctor’s head and the two fighting for control of his mind probably read well on paper. In practice it put the focus on Smith while he was sidelined from the action, battling out a chess game in his own head. The result was an episode that never quite meshed. But the main directive Gaiman was given was “make the Cybermen scary again.” This was something New Who had yet to accomplish. In that area, the episode did brilliantly.

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Three New Doctor Who Posters and A Special 50th Anniversary Bonus

Here, I’ll give you the bonus up front.

Yup, 10 and 11, standing in front of 10’s TARDIS (shorter, more banged up, different color windows.) Also? Double extra bonus, there’s a Zygon in the background.

Why start with this and not the posters? Because there’s what I suspect is a spoiler in what I see there…

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