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Tunes for Tuesday: David Bowie’s Blackstar

David Bowie knew he was dying.

I spent all weekend trying to make heads and tails of the newest Bowie album. I didn’t know I was missing the biggest piece of the puzzle: that Bowie was dying of cancer, and he knew this was his final album. That he might not make it much past the albums release date, if to it. And just in case you think I’m exaggerating, his producers confirmed it was a “deliberately created and timed as a “parting gift” for his fans.”

Yesterday we posted “Lazarus,” the track that was released on Friday. So today we’ll start “Dollar Days.”

More below.

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David Bowie 1947-2016

David Bowie was on this docket for this week’s coming Tunes for Tuesday. Blackstar, his twenty-fifth album in a music career that is only bested in longevity by Paul McCartney and Cher, came out on Friday, and I have been listening to it over the weekend, in hopes of being able to say something intelligent about this bizarre and amazing album.

And then I got on-line this morning having finished my Downton recap and saw he was dead. It was like being punched in the face. Bowie is one of those artists I don’t remember finding, because I found him before I had memory. Space Oddity was one of those songs I acted out in my room as a little kid. I do remember the first time I saw Labyrinth, because of the shock of realizing this singer I liked was the star of the movie along with the Muppets. I remember blowing the other girl scouts’ minds afterwards, by playing the album I had.

Tomorrow’s post would have started out with the single “Lazarus.” Somehow it seems oddly fitting for this post.

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Tunes for Tuesday: David Bowie’s “Blackstar”

Was Bowie’s last album, the first he’s released in many years, a little too staid for you? Did you miss the weird bonkers Bowie that gave us such offbeat oddities, such as Outside? Well, good news everyone. First of all, the very good news is that The Next Day wasn’t an outlier. Bowie really is back to making music full-time. The second one is that everyone is promising his new album, which drops just after the new year, will be that insane Bowie we were missing.

Need proof? The ten (yes TEN) minute long title track dropped over the holiday, and it’s certainly out there.

Are all the song on the album this long? Perhaps that’s why it’s reportedly only got seven tracks…