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Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Ham 4 Ham Does Disney

Unless you’ve been hanging out under rocks, or really out of touch with the live theater scene, you’ll know that Hamilton is the biggest show to hit Broadway this decade. Written and starring Lin-Manuel Miranda, this blend of rap, hiphop, traditional Broadway numbers, and nerdtastic history play has taken the theater world by storm. (Watch for it to walk away with all the Tonys come January.) The musical is, of course, sold out for the next six months and change, but that doesn’t stop those who are hoping to land a seat from hopping into the line for the ticket lottery outside the theaters every night. Miranda has taken to entertaining the crowds while they wait in a series he calls “Ham 4 Ham,” so that even if they don’t get to see him as the titular Hamilton on stage, they can still say they got to see the man who is revolutionizing the Broadway musical perform live.


Last night, he was joined by Lea Salonga, who is starring just down the street in George Takei’s Allegiance, which is a musical based on the Japanese internment that occurred during WWII. Salonga might not be a name you recognize, but you’ll know her voice. In the 1990s, she was the voice of Jasmine from Disney’s Aladdin. Naturally she and Miranda perform the duet from that musical “A Whole New World.” Check it out below.

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Disney’s “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”

Disney may have been the ones to resurrect the all but dead Star Wars franchise after the disastrous prequels. But that doesn’t mean that the irony of a company known for “Where Dreams Come true” and happy endings and cartoon princesses running the Star Wars-verse isn’t lost on us.Clipboard01


Pistol Shrimps decided to take the marriage of franchises a step further and see what would happen if Disney decision to go full cross over for The Force Awakens. the results are…weird. Really weird. Like, you’re going to need to watch this a couple of times to process all the weirdness. Happy Friday!

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Alfred Angelo’s Disney Wedding Dresses 2015

If we’re into Resort season that means the Bridal collections of May have ended. As always, those collections bring with them Alfred Angelo‘s overly precious takes on Disney princesses for those who wish to live out the fairy tale on their wedding day. As you may remember, last year saw the addition of Frozen to the line up. This year we have takes on everyone from Elsa to Rapunzel. Most notably, Cinderella has been updated to match the new live action film.


One of the better things about these Disney gowns is that many of them feature color, which is sorely lacking on bridal runways. Of course, for the traditionalists, there are all white versions. But the fact that color is even an option is–in my opinion–a step in the right direction.

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