The Hats of Downton Abbey, Series 5

It’s that time of year again. As another year passes for the Crawley clan at Downton Abbey, and 1924 winds its way to 1925, it is time for us once again to celebrate our favorite part of the series. No, not the melodrama (which has been rather bad this year.) No, not Mary’s one liners (which have been borderline cruel instead of funny.)  No, not even the Dowager, as snide and snarky as she is, and will always be.

No, we’re here once again to celebrate the hats, as we have every season so far.


Mary may have been particularly cruel and unfeeling to Edith this season, but they are still sisters. This posed photo from the end of the season suggests maybe, at long last, their shared single motherhood might bring them together? (Highly doubtful, but anyway.)

Meanwhile, the show almost seems to given in to hats being why we tune in every Sunday. Perhaps that’s why, at one point, they simply paused the action and gave us a full on runway show, complete with the trendy hats of the age. Hit it!

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