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CandyLand The Movie

Caught this on EW the other day:

“We envision it as Lord of The Rings, but set in a world of candy.”

Apparently the writers of this movie, rather than settling for something for the straight-to-dvd-and-diapered-audience market are thinking GRAND SCALE EPIC. I think maybe they’re hoping if they shoot the moon they’ll land somewhere in the middle. Like Jumanji grand scale epic.

Now, the version I had as a kid didn’t have characters:


but my kid sister’s, which was the next generation release, did:


LOTR style epic, eh? Here I am, picturing Hugo Weaving as King Kandy, Ian McKellan as Lord Licorice and John Rhys-Davies as Jolly. Christopher Lee will provide the voice of Gloppy, of course. I assume Grandma Nutt will be Angela Lansbury, Queen Frostine will be Gwyneth Paltrow, and Princess Lolly played by Lea Michele, and there will be musical numbers involved for all.

Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the impulse to bring me, as an audience member, something less than total Barney-esque schlock. But LOTR epic? For a board game where you don’t even need to be able to count to play? Seems a little ambitious, is all I’m saying.