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New Victoria Trailer from ITV

Much like the last ITV trailer for Victoria, this does not sell the show the way it should, I fear.

It’s not bad, per se. (It’s certainly better than the first clip the gave us.) But it does seem to put Victoria in a girlish, lightweight light. Perhaps for a UK audience the idea is to humanize a grand dame whose latter years portrait looms large in their imaginations. But for Americans, this is not going to sell the show int he same way. After all, Downton Abbey had a proud feminist streak throughout, and PBS understood that was part of the appeal. I’d like to see how they recut this.


The Great British Baking Show: Season 3 “Victorian”

The Great British Baking Show decided to go a little off the beaten path for this weekend’s first of another double episode week. Instead of “Bread” or “Cake’ this week’s theme was “Victorian.” One would have thought this a perfect moment to tie in PBS’ upcoming drama series Victoria into things, but sadly, this was taped for the BBC in 2015, and that doesn’t even begin to air until September of this year on rival ITV. So much for potential cross overs.

As a reminder, for those whose PBS stations are airing these shows on Sundays, once a week like god and the BBC originally intended, the recap for your episode (episode 5, “Pastry” can be found here.) For the rest of us, let’s get on with this historical bakes.

Snapshot - 6

The Signature Challenge this week was Raised Game Pie. The Technical was a “Tennis Cake” which is just as ludicrous as it sounds, and really could have done with Mrs. Patmore wandering around lecturing the bakers. The Showstopper really was a showstopper. A 19th century dessert known as a “Charlotte Russe,” which has zero relation to the fashion design house of the same name. On the other hand, it much be a pretty tasty dessert, as Paul Hollywood at one point stopped the proceedings to declare this challenge “Best. Idea. Ever.”

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National Dance Day and So You Think You Can Dance Jr

This past weekend was National Dance Day here in the US, a holiday that was basically brought into the public consciousness by So You Think You Can Dance, and then hyped by Michelle Obama as part of her “Let’s Move” campaign. The reminder of the show I once loved so much steered me back to their YouTube channel to see just how far the series had fallen in their junioring of the program.

As I feared most of what I found there were children whose dancing was less about passion, dedication, or athletic talent and more about stage parents with trained human animal children. Moreover, I was sad to see that, especially in the ballroom group, girls far too young to be doing so were biting their lips and shaking their hips in come hither ways that were slightly disturbing.

But then, as I rolled though the performances with the All-Stars, I came across this one. And suddenly I was a little sorry I had given up on the show.

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The Top Ten Looks of The Democratic National Convention

They say that Politics is Hollywood for ugly people. But the DNC was the fashion fest of the week, with several of the big names showing up in designer duds. Let’s look over the best and the…politically questionable.

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner


Michelle O has been a fashion plate on par with Jackie O for the 21st century. But the best part is she does it without only being a fashion plate. She accessorized this Christian Siriano dress with the Best Delivered Speech of the Convention and a thoughtful, serious and above all, intelligent attitude.

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Beyoncé Leads VMA Nominations Because Of Course She Does

The MTV Music Video Awards are planning to get in formation, just as soon as Beyoncé agrees to come grace them with her presence.

Beyoncé, for the record, doesn’t need MTV. Beyoncé doesn’t play with basic cable. She’s not TV, she’s HBO. So in order to entice the Queen Bey to step foot on their once powerful channel that now is home to also ran Game of Thrones wannabe programming and which has to sprint to keep up with Kardashians. They’ve nominated her for 11 awards, more than they’ve ever offered her before.


Only Adele even comes close with eight nominations, which means that MTV thinks they only need to offer her just offer half of what they’re offering Beyoncé to get her to fly all the way from London, while Bey only needs to hop on her private plane for a three-hour jaunt to the same show. Heck, they even added a category for Beyoncé to have an extra nomination, Breakthrough Long Form Video. (I suppose they feared 10 wouldn’t be seen as enough.)

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The Great British Baking Show: Season 3 “Pastry”

One thing I will say for doing two episodes a week–the contestants are dropping like flies on The Great British Baking Show. We’re already to recapping Week 6, and most of our chaff has exited the tent. Meanwhile the strongest contenders seem to be chugging right along towards the finale: Ian, who is three-time Star Baker Winner, Nadiya, the only other person in the tent who has won that title besides him.

Along with them are Flora, who may never have won anything, but is always impressive, even if she over does, Paul, Tamal, and Mat who have had flashes of brilliance, and Alvin who….ok, maybe there’s some chaff left.


This is Pastry week, with a Signature challenge made up of  Frangipane tarts, a Technical of Flaounes and a Show Stopper of two types of Vol-au-vents. Yes, everything this week is European, foreign foods I’ve never eaten, and most importantly, unpronounceable.  How badly will our contestants stumble having to say Vol-au-vents five times fast?  Has anyone even seen a Flaoune? And how many bad puns can Sue come up with from the word Frangipane?

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