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Iconic Jayne Cobb Hat As A Dress

Fittingly, it is by the same lady who brought you the iconic Doctor Who scarf as a dress.


At least now you can be sure you’ll have matching accessories!


Firefly: The Limited Series?

I’m blaming True Detective for this one. For those who pirate everything HBO, or haven’t been paying attention, that show is America’s first foray into the type of TV programming they do on the BBC. A very short run series with high end stars, a single writer/director and a firm end date. True Detective also has the luck to have cast Matthew McConaughey right as he’s making a serious run at the Oscars for Dallas Buyers Club. We’re only four episodes into the 8 week run, but already reviewers are swooning.

When reviewers swoon, that means everyone wants to make one. Personally, I love the way the BBC does limited run series, mercilessly yanking shows at the height of popularity so they never become stale. I’d love to see American TV (especially network TV) get with this fad. Imagine if Smash had been forced to stick to a single eight week run? Or if Scandal was ten episodes a year?

But of course, since network TV is out of ideas, the first thing the Networks do is try to bring back old favorites in the new format. FOX is stepping up first with 24, and if that works, I wouldn’t be surprised to see others come back this way. Will NBC bring back The West Wing for a 2016 liberal fantasy? (It’s been 8 years since the President Obama of their world–President Santos–took office.)

And that’s where the story of  former Firefly writer and producer Tim Minear piping up and suggesting “a limited series Firefly run” came from.

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