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Paris Spring 2016 Couture: Giambattista Valli

Giambattista Valli, like many designers this coming season, did an honor to Paris. We’re probably going to see a lot of Tributes to Paris, especially when we’re covering the shows that present there.  For Valli, he did what he does best–flowers, and then honored the florals of the Parisian landscape.


But this, of course, is also his couture collection, and though the theme stuck to florals, more or less, Valli is excepted to close with her patented over the top ballgowns of layers and layers of tulle for divas to carry off like so much fashion forward bath poufs.  As always, he didn’t disappoint in that category. I’m sure Paris was thankful.

The full collection is below.

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Paris Fashion Week RTW Spring 2016: Giambattista Valli

Giambattista Valli is known for his big conceptual looks from his couture line. More that one starlet has famously attempted him, some with better results than others. For his ready to wear line, Valli went far more, well not exactly casual. Accessible might be the right term.


Unlike many evening wear designers, Valli is one with a flair for both day wear and evening looks, dotting his collection throughout with pieces that would serve as workhorses, along with several pant styles, mixed with a dreamy frock or two. But it was the back half of his collection, which exploded in a 70 hippie Free To Be-For-All, where the looks began to soar.

Much like his couture line, the final gowns left the floral print motif that had served throughout the collection, and into a monochrome colorfest, with low-cut tops and longer cut hems. In practice they looked like scaled down versions of his couture impossible to pull off gowns, like fashion for the training wheels set. The less daring have an entryway to Valli now.

The full line is below.

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Paris Fall 2015 Couture: Giambattista Valli

If it’s time for the Giambattista Valli couture show, then it’s time for those huge floofy gowns that have become a regular staple of his closing moments–the type of dress that the more fashion adventurous attempt to wear to red carpets despite the fact that they look like variations on shower poufs. To date, only Rihanna has pulled it off.


But the entire collection wasn’t just those sort of alta moda gowns that seem bizarre out of place in the modern red carpet landscape. There were also tutu style skirt poufs and a bizarre take on raffia done in metallic silver. Valli’s inspirations were the 1960s style icon Talitha Getty meets Peggy Guggenheim, with all the psychedelic meets artistic glamour those two women made their staple trademarks. The result was a modernistic acid trip, with gowns and pants covered in creeping floral vines that would easily gain eyeballs if you took these images and ran them through google’s latest project, Deep Dream. Just imagine what the final gowns would look like with this done to them. But don’t tell Valli, or that will be the Spring 2016 line.

The full collection is below.

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Resort 2016: Giambattista Valli

Giambattista Valli is a man who has made it as far as he had by the mantra “You do you.” One of the few independent designers to run the gamut of success, in the last ten years, he’s not only conquered the World of Fashion, but the red Carpet, and of course, the Couture market.


Most of Valli’s most striking designs come with the caveat that the wearer needs to execute at a high level to conquer the degree of difficulty that comes with wearing them. That’s not just true of his couture work, though those are the most high-profile attempts. Even as something as low-key focused as resortwear comes with outfits that most would be advised not to attempt. Chevron lamé would be difficult as it is, when you are talking about an entire suit of it, ones eyebrows tend to shoot through the roof. Still, his instincts for color and florals have taken him far, and if they take him a little too far now and again, it’s only to be expected. You keep doing you, Valli.

The full collection is below.

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Milan Fashion Week Fall 2015 RTW: Giamba

Giambattista Valli’s eponymous line has been getting most of the attention lately, with Amal Clooney, sporting the enviable pieces, while Lena Dunham and Rihanna show up to red carpets in the less advisable ones. But for Milan’s Fall 2015 showing, he trotted out his demi-line, Giamba.

Like many demi lines, like Roberto Cavalli’s “Just Cavalli,” Giamba is supposed to be the younger skewing designs, for a more quirky and hip set. These aren’t pieces meant for the more mature Human Rights Lawyer. But they’re not funky couture that people will compare to bath items.


Instead the designs aimed for the next generation of the flower child. Some of the florals were total stand outs, especially towards the end, where the petals were allows to function as fluttery appliques. It was also the third line we reviewed this season to lean on statement stockings, which officially makes them a trend. Though there were misses along with the hits–the floral pants jumpsuit for instance was an eyesore, and there were just a few too many leather harness accessories running about–in general this was a collection where Valli made a very good argument why his clothing should and could be sold in stores.

The full collection is below.

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Paris Spring 2015 Couture: Giambattista Valli

Somewhere in Time, perhaps on board the TARDIS after a particularly odd adventure, Coco Chanel met Janis Joplin and the two of them channeled this fashion line that Giambattista Valli sprung forth upon us in the year of our lord 2015.


Chanel jackets meet the raging 1970s hippie couture that’s so hot right now. Long flowy skirts over suitpants. Of course, these were not dirty hippies, Chanel would have insisted on bathing. But their flower power style and her upscale style meshed in the oddest of ways, adding one more strange trip to this Paris Fashion runway.

Full gallery below.

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Paris Fashion Week Spring 2015 RTW: Giambattista Valli

Giambattista Valli drew inspiration from an unlikely source for his Spring 2015 collection. He baffled fashion reviewers with Metabolism architecture. An odd movement out of (where else?) Japan in the 1960s, this movement fused ideas about industrial megastructures with organic growth.


Hence the resulting 1960s silhouettes with Asian style florals….and big weird black droplet, like a pop art black eye, in the middle of it.

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