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Lily Allen: “Sheezus”

Lily Allen’s car crash return to music continues. Her latest album drops in only a couple of weeks time. It’s called Sheezus, which is hilarious if you’re less than a Kanye fan, and a little depressing considering Allen’s past racial issues.


Oh, and then there’s the video for it.

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X-Factor Auditions Continued

The longer these go on, the more this show feels like a second-rate America’s Got Talent.

Part of it is Cowell’s own fault. When Idol blocked him from bringing X-Factor to the states for five years, Cowell’s response was to create and produce the “Got Talent” series. Got Talent was derivative of X-Factor, but here in the states, we didn’t know that, as X-Factor didn’t run here. So now that X-Factor is here, its shock value has already been marred by a “been-there, seen-that” feeling.

But we did get a second helping of Cheryl Cole and her non-offensive persona! In honor of that, I present the following tribute.

Most of the auditions were nothing to write home about. Even those put through were mostly forgettable, or just odd. I have to believe they did find talent, but it was just that they were so busy showing us the freak show they didn’t have room to let us see any of it. I’m really hoping that when we get to bootcamp next week, we’ll see people who can sing and not a random assortment of odds, ends and carnival freaks.

There were a couple worth mentioning….

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