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They’ve Taken The Hobbits To Isengard!

Where the heck is Frodo going?


He had NO IDEA.

(via UP and OUT by Jeremy Kaye)


First Clip Of Billy Boyd’s “Hobbit” Song Leaks

So how do you end two decades worth of immersive Middle Earth movies? Well, after everyone took so well to Billy Boyd’s vocal performance in Return of the King, Peter Jackson decided not to mess with something that worked last time.

Since this entire second trilogy has been going back to the well of the first, it only made sense to bring back Boyd (despite the fact that neither he nor his character Pippin have anything to do with this trilogy) and have him sing for us again.

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Travel Posters From Middle Earth

With our last journey to Middle Earth coming sooner than you think, these beautiful travel posters  from Etsy shop The Green Dragon Inn remind us all that there are great tourist destinations in the worlds of men, elves, and hobbits if we were ever so inclined.


More from Middle Earth below. If you check out the link above, you can also see their posters for Westeros and the Potterverse.

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Byzantine Pop Culture

When I was in school there was a story we read about an architectural dig in the future that found someone from the 20th century, in a large object worshiping at the altar of a square filled with electronics and a glass bubble.

The point of the story was of course to talk about how we’re just guessing and reflecting our own ideas upon archaeology when we find remains of things, But the idea of us worshiping pop culture never left me. So when I saw these Byzantine style portraits of pop culture icons, it seemed only natural.


Walter White, cradling his blue meth. More below.

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