Paris Fashion Week Spring 2015 RTW: Maxime Simoëns

At the Maxime Simoëns show, the first outfit said it all.


Strictly speaking, one should never use hashtags octothorpes on clothing. Especially when one is making a reference to a TV show that will be just as dated in a few year’s time. There are so many “don’ts” in this outfit, there were questions as to where it would go next.

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Paris Fashion Week Fall 2014 RTW: Maxime Simoëns

Space: The Final Frontier. These are the voyages of the Maxime Simoëns Fall 2014 Line. It’s continuing mission: to explore strange new fabrics, to seek out new style and new sophistication. To boldly go where no designer has gone before!


Yes, Space and the stars were Simoëns’ inspiration for Fall 2014. Which might explain why this model is dressed like a fur lined 24th century club goer.

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