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Fall of the House of Usher

My friend David Litvak has crossed the nerd streams by combining Poe’s The Fall of The House of Usher with The Voice’s champion Coach, and successful pop star Usher Raymond IV.

The results are rather perfect.


Check out more below.

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Sad Batman

Earlier this week, the first image of Ben Affleck’s Batman (henceforth known as “Batfleck”) was released to the general public.


Personally I was not impressed. It looks to me like Batfleck has been abusing steroids, he’s vein-ier that a porn cock and his ears look like kitten ears. (SirEats will have you know his ears are more batlike than Batfleck.)

But, as is true of all things, my reaction had nothing on the internet’s. Behold the Sad Batman Meme.

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