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American Idol 12: Top Eight Eliminations

Ryan can be dramatic about the save all he likes. It’s time to get rid of another boy!

We’ve reached 450 episodes of this show–all of which I’ve watched. I’ll just leave that there. Apparently the show noticed that we noticed that the Ford pimpomercials were missing and brought them back in a hurry. They’ve changed them though–they’re not the contestants being silly and lipsyncing. Instead this week’s commercial is footage of the contestants teaching little kids to sing P2’s “Home.” (Pimp that smash hit Idol!) Apparently the Idols being do-gooders will be the theme of all the commercials this season. Janelle does the show a favor by talking about how being a contestant on this show isn’t just about the chance to get rich and famous. They’re being given a chance to “pay it forward.” Someone pat her on the head!

Not only are we getting Colton and Kat McPhee tonight to help pass the time, but Keith Urban apparently is performing. Did the show mention that and my DVR cut it off last night?  Oh, and once again, the rankings are not revealed–I assume that means our top three have not changed.

Let’s get to the things that matter, starting with Jimmy.

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American Idol 12: Top Eight “Motown”

This week is not Motown, according to Ryan. It’s “Any song out of the Motor City.” Any artist from Detroit is game. So..Madonna? Eminem? The White Stripes? The mentor is Smokey Robinson, so my guess is…no. I’m going to bet that the theme was altered for group number purposes only.

Nicki and Mariah are wearing the same color. Why? Mariah has a five year old’s wand that she keeps waving , and interrupting Ryan’s spiel. He is less than pleased and suggests it’s a dildo.

Let’s get to the Music.

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American Idol 10: Top 11 Elimination Episode

Finally, an elimination episode worth blogging about.  Because no one was eliminated.  Go Figure.

It helped that this was the first bottom three that wasn’t completely predictable–raise you hand if you had Stefano as part of the Bottom Two?  Didn’t think so.  But Ryan’s overuse of the word “shock!” was a dead give away that something was afoot this evening, random Hulk Hogan sightings aside. (Man, that divorce must’ve really taken him to the cleaners.  I knew he’s invested heavily in TNA and was doing everything he could to build the brand, and I still didn’t see that cameo coming.)  Continue reading American Idol 10: Top 11 Elimination Episode

American Idol 10: Top 11 Performances

No theme weeks, eh Nigel?  That sure didn’t last long.  I guessed faced with the prospect of Scotty singing a country tune every week, you guys felt the pull of the old format…oh wait.

Notes: Cracked Out Ryan was back tonight.  Perhaps the extra time for a two hour show and 11 contestants made him feel like he has free range to do nutty stuff like bring up the whole first row to hug a contestant, or the whole business with Stefano’s mother’s leftover pasta.  I felt like Ryan was rattling the bars of his gilded cage hard tonight.

J.Lo continues to bring excellent critiques–when she feels like it.  I think it shows which contestants she’s invested in as opposed to those she’s not.  I also like her little “listing” of things, it was a cute trick that makes her sound serious.  I continue to think that joining the Idol panel was the smartest career move J.Lo has made.

(Was S.Ty really distracted tonight by the fact that one of his bandmates surprised him by showing up?  He seemed unnerved by that for some reason.)

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