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Realistic Disney Character Artwork


These digital compositions by Finnish artist Jirka Väätäinen reimagined what some of the more famous Disney characters–Princess, Villain and Hero–would look like in realistic portraits. Check out some of my favorites below, then hit the gallery and decide which ones you like the best.

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Alfred Angelo’s Disney Wedding Dresses 2015

If we’re into Resort season that means the Bridal collections of May have ended. As always, those collections bring with them Alfred Angelo‘s overly precious takes on Disney princesses for those who wish to live out the fairy tale on their wedding day. As you may remember, last year saw the addition of Frozen to the line up. This year we have takes on everyone from Elsa to Rapunzel. Most notably, Cinderella has been updated to match the new live action film.


One of the better things about these Disney gowns is that many of them feature color, which is sorely lacking on bridal runways. Of course, for the traditionalists, there are all white versions. But the fact that color is even an option is–in my opinion–a step in the right direction.

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Historically Accurate Disney Princesses: The Video

A couple of years ago, there was a beautifully rendered series by Clair Hummel on deviant art, which re-conceived Disney Princesses to look historically accurate.

Buzzfeed must have stumbled upon this. And, being Buzzfeed, took it a step father. Instead of artistic renderings, they created a video, featuring Disney Princesses as they would have historically dressed. And this time, it’s not based on the outfits of the Princesses themselves. They went for full historical accuracy.

Live Action “Cinderella” Trailer is Pretty, Predictable

There are things I really like about this trailer for Kenneth Branagh’s Live Action Cinderella. Lily James, for one, removed from her Lady Rose character, and turned into a full blown fantasy. Richard Madden, for another, beard free and far removed from Winterfell. Cate Blanchett and Helena Bonham Carter doing what they do best while having lunch on the scenery.

What I don’t like is how straightforward it all is. There’s no twists, there nothing unexpected. It’s big budget Fairy Tale theater, very pretty to look at, but bringing nothing new to the table.

I mean, I suppose I should expect anything more or less from Disney, as they try to use the rise of CGI to remake their cartoon classics as live action movies in a way they couldn’t back in the golden years of the company. But those cartoons were new and different when they debuted. They were musicals that changed the way movies for children were made. This is beautiful to look at, but I don’t see anything below.