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The Most Awesome Cat Bags Ever

These come courtesy fashionablygeek. Apparently they are made by a Japanese artist who sells them via Yahoo Auction.


They are serious adorable. Check out the Calico, Russian Blue and Ginger Tabby, after the jump.

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Project Accessory: Finale


Oh sorry. Consider that a hold over from the XFactor blog I just wrote, with my abject apologies. ProjAcess doesn’t go in for those sort of theatrics, just a few shots of the final three eating breakfast in their respective suites, before sitting down with Molly at the empty runway for our episode introduction. At least this week, they give Molly something to do so this segment doesn’t feel like such a hold over. She gives the rules of our last challenge. They have to produce a collection of nine items, and show them with three different looks. They have two days, and a $1000 budget. The previously eliminated designers are brought in to audition for slots to aid the three finalists. Rich picks Diego. Nina picks Kelly. Brian picks James. Each of them has chosen someone who is strong where they are weak, Rich with handbags, Nina with larger items, Brian with shoes.

Nina calls her line “grownup bohemian girl tomboy” Rich says his is the “balance between wickedness and elegance.” Brian is going in an ’80s direction, thinking Miami and swimwear. There’s a lot of time at Mood spent in the leather section, blowing money on skins. This is what happens when you have $1000. Diego pushes Rich to make things that aren’t black. Whoa, being pushed out of your comfort zone, Rich! I thought he was going to fight Deigo at first, but no, he goes with it. Hopefully this won’t hurt him. Most of what he’s doing seems to be metalwork anyway. But Deigo is definitely pushing Rich to go in a direction that is Not Rich. This becomes abundantly clear, especially when we see the first purse he churns out, which is totally what Deigo wants to make, instead of what Rich wants him to make. Hopefully Rich will push back and we can land somewhere in the middle? I’m starting to worry. Brian and Nina are worrying how slow their assistants are working in comparison to Deigo, especially since their assistants are making things they’re not comfortable making. But considering that Deigo is sneering at what he’s being made to work on when it’s not something he likes, I’m not sure Rich made the right choice. (Point of Order: Christna made damn fine handbags. Why didn’t Rich pick her?)

Eva arrives, accompanied on her walk-through by some dude from the Name Dropping Hair Salon. He doesn’t seem to be helping them with styling, like they billed him as doing, as much as just fretting over hair. Why am I not surprised? The clothes the models will be wearing come by from a “stylist” who gives no style advice, just rolls in a rack of clothes and runs. At least the clothes help give a clearer picture of what’s going on. Meanwhile, in actual useful information, Eva’s opinion of Nina’s work is that she’s not giving enough variety to her looks. Omg, Brian’s stuff is costume-y and godawful. Eva blinks at it, and then tells him “more is not more” and insinuates he’s been lucky in his successes so far. As for Rich, Eva calls out that Deigo is asserting himself too much into this collection. Deigo tells Rich to stop asking him what he thinks, because he really hates Rich’s style. It is not pretty.

Day of runway show: Kelly is having her own drama over Nina’s collection. She needs to stop crying and having an anxiety attack and work. At least Nina didn’t bring back Shea? Small mercies. James made the snakeskin pumps WAY too big, so Brian has to swap all his outfits around so the model with the biggest feet ends up in those shoes. Across the workroom, Deigo has a bad attitude, and won’t help Rich. Instead, since Kelly still hasn’t finished any of the purses for Nina, Deigo has wandered over to help her.  I think Rich’s head might just have exploded when he realised what happened. Oy.

To the runway!

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Project Accessory: Semi Finals

Notes as we begin this penultimate episode: Molly Sims outfits are slowly improving over the course of the season. She’s still no Heidi Klum, but she’s at least trying to work it.

For tonight’s double elimination, we will have a red carpet challenge. Eva has five evening gowns back at the workroom for them to fight over, so let’s leave Molly and head on over there, because this runway intro is just a hold-over formality from the parent show, Project Runway. (It should be noted the “runway intro” on ProjRun is at this point itself a hold-over from when contestants repicked their models at the top of every show, but that’s another story.) Brian, as last week’s winner, chooses first and takes the easy black dress. Brian then gets to choose who picks next, so he picks Nina because he somehow thinks that’s bitchy. He really under-estimates her. She grabs her desired grey number, and then chooses Christina who takes the only dress that isn’t a solid jewel tone, but actually in itself already visually interesting, instead of a blank canvas. Good for her. She lets Rich pick next, who instantly takes the red dress (duh), leaving Deigo the white one. Deigo isn’t really upset about that, since the dress nobody wanted was picked by Christina.

For our twist on tonight’s challenge, Eva takes them to a store called “Evolution.” It’s a place that sells and showcases specimen insects in cases, taxidermied animals and fossils. Rich knows the place well, and is ecstatic. Bugs and skulls and stuffed corpses, oh my! This challenge is right up his alley. Each contestant is to pick an insect that inspires them, and has to use that insect corpse in one of the three pieces they make. Rich chooses the big Hercules beetle. Brian chooses a Goliath beetle. Christina takes the walking leaf bug because its yellow toned green matches her dress. Nina takes a spider, even though they creep her out. Deigo is the only one to go obvious and take a butterfly.

Nina is obviously going with the spiderweb theme. Christina is trying for “modern bohemian princess,” since her dress already kind of screams that, and her walking leaf supports it. They have $200 to spend at Mood, where there is a lot of natural pattern and chain buying.

Rich is going historical and adorning his beetle like this is BC Egypt. Nina’s spiderweb chain work is gorgeous. Deigo does not get Rich or the challenge or what the hell is going on. I feel like this is not going to go well for him. Oh dear, Christina is doing metal work. Her metal work always looks a little unfinished. I’m not sure that’s a good idea.

Eva’s consultation: She loves Rich’s ideas, all of them. Her reaction to Brian’s pieces are profoundly negative. She thinks everything is overdone and way too much and he needs to edit himself. He ignores her advice. Eva shakes her head at how safe Deigo is playing it, much to Deigo’s confusion and irritation. Well what does she want from him? Maybe he should make a purse? I’m amazed she doesn’t facepalm when he says this. We don’t see her talk to Christina or Nina. Hmm, why is that? Deigo is also ignoring Eva’s advice, and making his handbag, damn it, because what else is he going to do? Oh, put a butterfly in her hair! How not original!

Meanwhile, Christina is planning on making a little clutch purse which she pretentiously calls a “min-oh-di-ae” Anyone know how to spell this? Google is not helping me. (ETA: Marnifer found it! See the comments.) She calls it that several time in succession. If I didn’t know any better, I would think it was today’s secret word. But she’s not actually going to make it tonight, since she’s too tired. Way to work last-minute.

Brian, against all sane advice, tries to pour resin over his bug. I’m a little surprised more of them aren’t trying that, since the bugs are so fragile. The only problem is resin pouring is an art form, and Brian makes a total hash of the process, which causes his bug to look as if it was encased in carbonite. He tries to play it off by deciding the bug is frozen, and doing faux icicles around it. You run with that theme! He does try to carve the bug back out as much as possible, but it’s just a mess and a half. Considering the judges loved his bedrock bag, there’s a chance they’ll love this, even though I think it looks absolutely horrendous, and like the mistake it was.

Day of runway, and Christina is attempting to use a bandsaw (apparently for the first time?) to make said pretentious little clutch purse. As long as she comes out with all ten fingers, we’ll call it even. Instead she breaks the machine. Lovely! So she whips up five-minute earrings, since she now doesn’t have enough accessories. They look very five-minute earrings. I’m thinking she might have gone too subtle for once.

To the runway!

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Project Accessory “Kenneth Cole Challenge”

I won’t lie. If Kenneth Cole doesn’t turn out to be a bigger bitch than Nina Garcia tonight, I will be highly disappointed.

Molly is wearing a simple leather dress for today’s intro. It may be the most daring thing she’s worn since the show started.

Rich really hopes “Kenneth Cole” means “men’s accessories.” Fat chance, sweetie. Cole himself seems to be pretty excited about the challenge. Or perhaps it’s the extra TV time. Either way, the outfit he works in, the rumpled-but-dressy look is HAWT. The man is a walking ad for his own clothes. Kenneth is into keeping black fresh. To that end, his new line for the Holidays 2011 is “Triple Black.” He has chosen six looks from said collection, assigned them to the designers, who are required to make a clutch plus whatever else they’d like to go with it. So it’s another handbag challenge, though a specific style. Winner has their line sold in Kenneth Cole stores…but they don’t get to earn anything from it, since profits go to an AIDS charity. The designers act as if this is a great honor, but if you’re broke, I’m guessing you would have rather earned that money yourself. Actually, I think the only “I don’t have my own line, I’m broke” contestant left is Nina. Everyone else here can probably afford it for the exposure. Budget’s $150 dollars, one day challenge.

They return to the workroom to see their outfits. Nina has a short black feather mini. Brian has a knit coat. Rich is excited that his high collared leather jacket actually inspires him, but panicked since he failed at the last handbag. Fabric is so not his forte. Diego’s outfit is a classic black dress. He thinks his purses are classier than Cole’s. This is another “leather remnants shopping day” at Mood. Brian is grinding resin into a horn in the corner, and the dust goes everywhere, causing a mini panic among the other designers that their clothes and accessories will be ruined. I’m surprised they don’t make him do that in another room for health reasons. He’s also in “I won last week, so I’m super asshole contestant mode now.” Adrian is making minimal accessories because he has a fur vest-top.

Eva’s check in: Brian’s unicorn resin horn clutch receives high praise. She calls Deigo’s perfect clutch “safe” and suggests he create a showstopper. Because his amazing work so far hasn’t been? Her advice to Rich is as much metal as possible, but then continues to panic him about the clutch. Finally, Eva is worried about Adrian’s minimalist approach, but he’s obsessed with his “edit edit edit” critique last week….wait, this means no check in from Kenneth? Lame.

Morning of runway, everyone is in metal work mode. Nina’s metal necklace looks a LOT like the one she did the first week when she won. Deigo’s earrings are huge! They look painful! The model’s earlobes are stretching, but she refuses to complain.

Onto the runway!

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Project Accessory: Real Women, Real Purses

And yet another collaboration between anibundel and Marnifer!

Eva introduces this week’s challenge. This is the eBay challenge! Eva looks like a bag of fake. I don’t trust her. She doesn’t seem to give good advice, and is always kind of sneering. I miss Tim Gunn.

The challenge: “Create a handbag for a woman featured in an ebay fashion style story.” Each contestant has to pick a bin of stuff. The stuff is the contents of womens’ purses who’ve been featured in eBay fashion stories. eBay does fashion spreads? Who knew? They each pick by highest to lowest score from last week. James is shamed! He had the lowest score last week and was saved only by immunity. All the contents in the bin they picked must fit in the bag they design. They are making only a bag, have one day to do it, and a $100 budget which is oddly not mentioned at the top. We only find that out when Adrian mentions it at Mood later.

Diego is an actual handbag maker. He’s the one to watch, and the one to beat. Brian says he’s not worried about pleasing the client, only himself. What no contestant who says that seems to realize is that a happy marriage between the client’s wishes and their own is the only way to be successful, period. Shea displays how dumb she is directly to her fashion editor client. She calls her a “working girl” without realizing what she’s just said. headDESK. She whines and whines that she wasn’t sharp enough to figure out the point of the challenge from initial presentation and picked the set of contents with the laptop. OMG, it’s so big! How can she handle such a challenge!? I’m already annoyed. Rich is a man of fire and metal! Therefore, the patterning of the purse is hurting his brain. Adrian vows to finish this week. Oh, great, now Shea is going around misthreading machines and wandering away from them, and then claiming that they are screwed up is not her fault. Yes Shea, IT IS YOUR FAULT that you f**cked up the sewing machine. (She doesn’t know how to thread a machine? Is she serious? Did no one ever teach her the “tie the new thread to the old thread and then pull it through, so the machine threads itself trick? That was only the FIRST trick I learned when confronted with unfamiliar sewing machines.) She’s pissing everyone off with her constant complaints.

TWIST! At the client check in–which oddly does not include Eva giving advice, just the clients**–the women part with their old handbags, so the designers can make an extra accessory from it. I wondered about additional pieces, and here’s my answer. They are given no extra time.

**Hold the phone! Eva never does a mentor check in this week. I know we said at the top (and last week) that Eva’s advice so far has been untrustworthy, but really, NO check-in? She’s the mentor! Can you remember an episode of ProjRun where Tim didn’t do a check in with the designers? Eva also doesn’t come out and hug the contestants when they are eliminated, or sadly tell them she has to go tell them to clean up their space. Nina Garcia has more warmth that this lady. She’s supposed to be the mentor, not the hostess. I think whoever hired her did not explain the position to her properly.

Anyway, it’s runway day on a real woman challenge, and not once has anyone bitched about how hard it is to make things for real women. (Just saying.) Diego is freaking that Christina’s bag looks so good. He has the Quote of the Episode: “I make handbags, I don’t make miracles.” Meanwhile, Nina didn’t pattern and has to fix the fact that the opening on her purse is too small. Most of the designers did not come prepared for the time crunch they were going to be under on this show. Christina takes the fully formed bag handle for the second accessory and clips its lobster clasp ends together for a necklace. Can she get away with that? It’s repurposing, not designing.  James is in bad shape. He worries he might not finish and he’s right — he doesn’t make a second accessory. He hasn’t completed the challenge. Rich’s bag is also wildly unfinished. We’re worried for him.

To the runway!

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