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RIP B.B. King

BB King, who had been hospitalized a couple of weeks back, passed away peacefully last night. The King of the Blues is gone.

At a time like this, there’s only one thing to do, and that’s listen to the man himself, doing what he does best.

1972, Live at Sing Sing Prison.

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RIP Leonard Nimoy

Yesterday was a day of celebration on the internet, with llamas and dress colors. Today we mourn. The passing of Leonard Nimoy, so beloved by nerds everywhere, hit hard. When I saw the report he was heading to the hospital earlier in the week, I tweeted out he had to get better. I wasn’t ready for Spock to die. Turns out nobody else was either.

But Nimoy, as was his wont, left us with an amazing last thought. Let this be a model to all celebrities. Any tweet could be your last. Make it count.

Nimoy is a man who is preserved in our memories. He brought joy to millions, not just as Spock. Long before Jackson got his hands on it, Nimoy was telling the tale of The Hobbit. Let us all sing along to The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins.

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RIP Oscar de la Renta

The shock of Oscar de la Renta’s death last night is still resonating. The legendary fashion line named Peter Copping as the heir to the designer’s position as creative director only a week ago. The sense at the time is that Copping would have time to find his feet with the master watching. But it was not to be.


Below the cut, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite looks, from his collections and from celebrities. He was one of the grand masters, we will not see his like again for a long time.

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RIP Joan Rivers

Most of us think of Joan Rivers as that woman with the plastic surgery and the reality show and the daughter that follows her around like a puppy. But Joan Rivers was so much more than that. She was a comedian in a time when women didn’t do comedy. She was a television staple from the 1970s onward. She shattered glass ceilings that sealed back up behind her. And when that career was yanked out from under her, she refashioned herself as the tartest tongued woman, unafraid to speak truth to celebrity, and started all over again.


You may not have liked her. You may have thought her a terrible person. But if you’ve ever seen A Piece of Work, you’ll understand how hard she fought to get where she was, and you’ll respect the hell out of her.

RIP dear. You earned it.

ETA: Updated with Melissa River’s statement below.

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