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Doctor Who: The Husbands of River Song

Steve Moffat continually seems to be saying goodbye to River Song–not because he wants to see her go, but because he enjoys watching her leave. This can partly be chalked up to how he introduced her in the first place. We first met River in the last hours of her life, way back in Season 4. Though the Doctor chose the save her by uploading her to the database for all time, the irony was that we didn’t know who she really was yet, or how much that would mean.

The Doctor: “I think I’m going to need a bigger flowchart.”

River Song is a character who will be tied mostly to the 11th Doctor’s tenure. At first it seemed that they were romances going in opposite directions linearly, and that his last time seeing her would be her first time meeting him. but it was never that straightforward. Their timelines were jumbled messes, which is partly why we’ve now mistaken her departures for the end several times, most recently in “The Name of the Doctor,” when she appears as already dead, post meeting the Tenth Doctor. Once you’ve returned as a ghost, there’s little chance we’ll see you again, no?

river and the doctor


But Moffat couldn’t help but pair up his favorite recurring character with the latest incarnation of the Doctor. It was a smart move. River was her weakest when tied directly to the companion. The “conceived on the TARDIS/brainwashed into being obsessed with the Doctor” made her character smaller and less unpredictable. Song’s best appearances are when she’s not calling the companion “mom,” or seeming to have a life that does nothing but revolve around The Doctor, but is free as a bird to be doing whatever crazy scheme she’s involved with this time. And though one of the joys of her romance with the Doctor being the visual of an older woman with a younger man is gone with Capaldi’s casting, this simply makes their romance one of a more mature couple. It also provided Moffat with a chance to create that bookend to her original arrival in the series. In the last adventure ever, she doesn’t know who the Doctor is, in an echo of the way the Doctor didn’t know her all those years ago.

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Doctor Who: “The Husbands of River Song” Images

One really useful thing about the season of Doctor Who not ending until December is that we have a much shorter wait between the Series 9 finale and the Christmas Special. And from the looks of things, this is going to be a funny one.

20150904-DW S9XMAS-165751A

Capaldi is ready to move on from mourning Clara, and River is ready to meet her next husband incarnation. Oh and by the way, from what I understand, this episode, for her, happens directly post “Angels Take Manhattan.” (Hey, BBC, when we are finally done with River Song, do you think you can release a boxset of the episodes in her experienced order?)

More pictures below.

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Doctor Who: “The Husbands of River Song” Trailers

I am already really looking forward to this episode. Capaldi and Kingston just look like they are having so much goddamn fun in these trailers.

She signed a marriage contract with a man whose head is now in a basket. Would they like to take it out and ask it?
Hey, should we honor your marriage, River Song’s Husband’s Head?
Uh, do whatever you want, I’m super dead!

Enough #Who4Ham. Let’s check out the TV trailer below.

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Doctor Who Christmas Episode “The Husbands of River Song”

We’d heard on and off that the Christmas special would be featuring one of Doctor Who‘s most polarizing characters, River Song. We’d suggested with the change in Doctor, for once it would be him chasing after her, rather than the other way round. (Also, for the first time the Doctor will be visually older than River, with an actor who is older than Kingston, which is going to change the dynamic drastically.)

We also have known that every time Moffat has brought River back, he has liked to make her the center of attention, with titles like “The Wedding of River Song.” We also know he likes to make titles that hang together “The Night of the Doctor” “The Day of the Doctor” and “The Time of the Doctor” just to name one set. So is it really all that surprising that River’s return, her first with a brand new Doctor is “The Husbands of River Song.”

20150910-DW S9XMAS-153630

Yes, Husbands. Plural. Did she decide marrying the Doctor wasn’t enough, or something? Or is that just because her husband keeps changing faces?  The synopsis, and a brand new image from the episode is below.

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River Song Promises to be “Kissing Everyone for Christmas”

With Jenna Coleman’s departure as the companion on Doctor Who imminent, it looks like part of the reason River Song as been brought back for the Christmas special is to fill the hole left in the Doctor’s life. Not that she’s admitting it just yet. In fact, from the sounds of things, she completely has no idea that Peter Capladi is who her hubby has regenerated into. At least, that what The Mirror is claiming.

[D]espite her shock festive return, Doctor Who , played by Peter Capaldi , still faces being lonely this Christmas because River doesn’t recognise his new reincarnation and keeps romancing other fellas.

The lovelorn Timelord ends up chasing River around the universe in a vain bid to to win over her affections.


Well, I suppose that’s one new spin, and certainly a full 180 from our first meeting of River, where the 10th Doctor had zero idea who she was. But then again, this is the first time Alex Kingston will be playing against a Doctor who is older than she, so perhaps the tables turning is not such a surprise.

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River Song is Back for Christmas

With less that two weeks before the prequel episode of Doctor Who Series 9 hits theaters, and three weeks until the start of the season, the BBC has released information on the Doctor Who Christmas Special for 2015. And it contains potentially the best Christmas present ever.


It’s Christmas Day in the future and the TARDIS is parked on a snowy village street, covered in icicles, awaiting its next adventure. Time traveller River Song meets her husband’s new incarnation, in the form of Peter Capaldi, for the first time this Christmas.

Alex Kingston vs Peter Capaldi. I might die, you guys. For realz.

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