More Mad Men Season 7 Pics

I should have known. Mad Men loves to drib and drab out their promotions. Over the weekend, they continued to add to the collection of “Mad Men On A Plane” stills.

The good news: We get a much better shot of Peggy’s outfit, and she’s in the forefront with all the other guys from Sterling Draper behind her. (Note Harry still favors the scarves and Stan’s still in a shaggy jacket.) But they are all out of her way.

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Mad Men Season 7 Photos

We have our first 1969 based stills from Mad Men‘s final season. (We can just assume it’s 1969, right? Right? I’m sure Matt Weiner would refuse to answer, but it’s not like we’re jumping to 1972 or something. Let’s be real here.)

The airplane theme from the teaser carries over, and much like the teaser, these contain very little in the way of spoilers. Actually, if anything, they suggest the events of the end of last season aren’t really taken into account at all. After all….

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