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Photos from The Comikaze 2014 Cosplay Fashion Show

These aren’t professional pictures, but we have photos from Stan Lee’s Comikaze’s second annual cosplay fashion show.


Five costume designers and one shoe designer took part in the second annual show. We’ve featured looks from some of those designers here before, like Gold Bubble Clothing, Orion’s Originals and Castle Corsetry. Below the cut we have highlights from all the designers who showed.

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Resort 2015: Ralph Lauren

Elegance and timelessness. I think we can safely say that it doesn’t matter what season it is, what year it is, what the current trends are. Ralph Lauren is always aiming for these two words, with everything he does. Sometimes it lands. Sometimes it doesn’t.


Polka dots are actually a “thing” right now. We saw them too many time sin too many collections for Fall 2014 to ignore it. Yet when Lauren does them, they don’t feel “2014” polka dots. They feel like polka dots that could come from any year.

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Cruise 2015: Louis Vuitton

Just down the street (well, 35 miles or so down the coast) from the Cannes Film Festival, Nicolas Ghesquière pitched his tents at the Place du Palais in Monaco for the Louis Vuitton Cruise 2015 show. (“Resort” seems to be falling out of favor for these presentations.) One might have suspected he did this so his A-list clientele didn’t have to travel far from their red carpet duties to see the full-on runway presentation he created for his second outing with the brand. If nothing else, it served as a convenient excuse for the Monaco royal family, Prince Albert and Princess Charlene, to attend his show instead, as they boycott the Film Festival over Nicole Kidman’s goose egg of a new movie.


Some of the same the same things were repeated from the Fall 2014 show. But there was a looser air to the proceedings.  Colors were brighter. Sequinning was louder. (Note those are LV monograms in the blouse.)

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Resort 2015: Chanel

Dateline: Dubai, 2014. Yes, Chanel took the fashionista world someplace far more exotic that mere Brooklyn for his resort show. Dubai–a city where the very rich go to play on vacation. The rest of us can only marvel in amazement at the futuristic city that magically appeared out of the shifting sands.


Yet, for all that Dubai is a city of the future, where technology can defeat the desert, Lagerfeld seemed more enamored of the region’s past with the show he put on.

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Resort 2015: Christian Dior

The Resortwear season doesn’t get going properly until closer to the end of the month, but that didn’t stop the Dior line from starting things off with a bang last night. Simons presented a full on runway show in Brooklyn–proof perhaps that the borough has finally arrived. But it required a ferry ride for all the Manhattanites to get there, in order to keep them from having to get too close to the Bridge&Tunnel crowd. (Those who could not bear to be ferried rented town cars.) Technically Alexander Wang did it first during the Ready To Wear season earlier this year, but now that Dior has graced the Duggal Greenhouse at the Navy Yard, we should start expecting many more to have to water taxi their way across the East River.


Were Raf Simons’ offerings worth it? There were certainly a great deal of them–66 to be precise. The motif was the silk scarf, which here appears as the print in the blouse, as well as in the fold of the silk scarf.

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Project Runway Season 10: Foursome Finale

…and then there were four. Again. For the first time, for the last time. Etc.

We pick up exactly where we left off last week, with Heidi declaiming “And you go to fashion week!” “And you go to fashion week” “And you! And you!” In the Green Room, Tim is almost in tears from joy of not having to send anyone to the workroom to clean up their stuff. Instead, he sends them all back to the Yotel to try and magically unwind before the 48hours they have to restyle everything.


Once we are alone with the contestants it becomes clear that Christopher is incoherently angry that he feels like the judges made it sound like were doing him–The Frontrunner! With Four Wins To His Name!–a favor by moving him forward. (I hate to break it to him, but did you see what you put on the runway? They totally did him a favor.) Fabio, in contrast, is calm, and understands that he has to make things more high end. Dmitry is trying to restyle his outfits and move things around. Christopher has no idea what the judges expected from him. Melissa is determined to add color to her collection.

The next morning, Tim arrives with the positivity, $300 dollars for each of them and the car to head over to Mood for their last buying spree. He makes sure to emphasize that this is not about trying to remake one’s entire collection, but to “fill in the holes.” Dmitry and Fabio have a successful trip, picking up bits and bobs for hole filling. Melissa is also having a successful trip, even though her “hole” that needs filling is far wider. Meanwhile, Christopher wanders around in a whiny fog of resentment. He is just as useless during the hair consultation with the Name Dropping Hair Salon folks. Jesus man, can’t you take any criticism? He cops an attitude when the models show up because he’s “not ready.” Fabio apparently took both his and Christopher’s share of that positivity Tim brought at the beginning of the day because he’s happily changing things. Poor Melissa has discovered she’s made a dress that the model cannot walk in. Sadly, she chooses to focus on making the new dress, rather than fixing this one. This is what happens when you show up with a collection that disappoints Nina, people!

The end of day arrives with everyone except Dmitry sitting at sewing machines frantically sewing. The next morning Tim arrives with the calm, and the news they will lose time to the Product Displaying Make Up people. I’m amazed Christopher doesn’t throw a fit about that as well.

Tim comes in for his final check in. At every point we are treated to Christopher insecurely sneering at the other contestants work. I’ve never seen the show channel that it’s time to dislike “the frontrunner” harder than in this episode:

  • Melissa–She tells Tim some of her stuff fit and the rest are minor tweaks, conveniently forgetting about the dress the model can’t walk in. She then shows him the muslin of the new dress she’s making to add to the collection. He approves of it, and the “blood orange” leathery fabric she’s making it out of.
  • Dmitry–He thinks he can make things look young with the makeup and hair. Tim is worried that the silver leaf  hair effect Dmitry is considering will distract from the clothes.
  • Christopher–He’s working on his new look, but Tim is worried it looks cheap. He is also flabbergasted at the sheer amount of looks Christopher has going and snaps at him to finish up the ones in motion instead of trying to make more.
  • Fabio–He says “Lux lux lux” to Tim and shows some new pieces. Tim is ecstatic about them. He says Fabio must have had an epiphany. Fabio agrees that he did. Everyone is thrilled.

Christopher hates his new looks, and he’s yelling at his clothes that they are cheesy. That’s no way to treat your hard working fabrics, young man! Melissa’s new dress piece is *really* complex, but, hey, that’s how she works. They are the insane side of the room. Dmitry and Fabio are chill on their side, eating lunch, relaxing on couches, happily feeling like they are done. The music underscoring the two sides is a nice touch.

Tim shows up to announce they have 15 minutes until they must clean up and clear out, leading to my favorite exchange of the night, that begins when Tim demands to know why Christopher looks so stressed out. He’s got so many looks! He was ready this morning!

“No I wasn’t,” says Christopher, like a fussy five year old.
Tim looks shocked. Christopher continues in a listless tone: “I have two more looks to make!” It reminds me of the attitude a toddler gives when they don’t want playtime to be over.
“Oh that’s ridiculous!  You don’t have two more looks to make!” Tim snaps, in a tone very reminiscent of a mom who is ready to run errands and knows her toddler is being silly.
“Yeah I do!” pouts Christopher. “I’m making them!”
Tim is not having any of this. “Well you have 15 minutes to finish up whatever you’re doing and then I’m coming to get you.”

Tim returns in 15 minutes, this time with champagne. “Ooooh! ALCOHOL!” says Dmitry with the longing of a man who has been dry for 16 long weeks.

Tim informs Christopher this is no time to be petulant, to stop working and come have a drink. Christopher isn’t interested in such advice and takes the drinking time to continue his whiny five year old brat act towards the other contestants. I know the judges favored him, but if any contestant just proved the judge’s faith was misplaced, it’s Christopher and his stank behavior.

With that, it’s time to head to the tents in Lincoln Center and the runway.

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Project Runway Season 10: House of Style(ing fail)

…and then there were four. It’s moving day out of the Atlas! Bye everyone! We’ll see you all at home!


Tim heads first to Christopher’s house which is your typical small suburban ranch–because it’s actually his parents’ house–turns out his workshop is in their basement. His inspiration for this collection he tells Tim was an XRay from his mother after some accident she had, and it inspired his to do a line of prints. (Prints? Really? I thought Christopher hates prints.) Tim thinks the there are pieces that are two sweet–like a leather bustier. Yes, he called Christopher’s leather bustier “too sweet.” But there are pieces that are “pure Christoper,” like a blue overcoat we are given a gander at. Tim really goes gaga over something Christopher was about to abandon as a mistake–a leather skirt he treated with bleach to “see what happened.” Tim loves it: “It goes beyond clothes making! Do this to the bustier! Take more risks!” Christopher’s mother made high calorie food to feed Tim. She must worry he doesn’t eat enough since he’s so thin. His parents make sure to tell us how proud they are. We also meet Christopher’s boyfriend, who is a nerdy hipster.

Tim heads next to Fabio’s apartment in NYC. The moment Tim walks in, we know there’s no way it’s actually his. This is a flat out of Selling New York. Fabio admits it belongs to some friend’s dad. The man must have shitloads of money, because the place is enormous for NYC. Upfront we meet Fabio’s boyfriend and his mother. His mom has been in NYC for 25 years, but her Brazilian accent is still very thick. They eat first, and then check out Fabio’s clothes. There’s a lot of white, and much pastel. Fabio has a female tribey theme going on. Tim says he’s captivated. “Tailoring and draping! How fabulous!” He is mystified by one pair of Fabio’s pants that he compares to longjohns. Tim also hates Fabio’s shoe choices. “Who is the customer?” he frets. The woman who would wear one would not wear the other. Fabio is crushed that Tim is not gaga over everything because he thinks the shoes are absolutely it.

Next Tim hits Jersey City and Dmitry’s apartment. Turns out this is not his place either–some friend loaned it to him for the five week period between the last episode and the filming of this one. Not that the place is obviously unaffordable to Dmitry, he just offers the info up front. They start with his clothes–Dmitry tells us he was inspired by architecture. Everything is very art deco-y…until we get to the yellow thing. Tim doesn’t like it, but he sees how it works with the rest of the line. Tim does worry “Is there enough of a surprise to the line?” He praises Dmitry’s confidence though. They then take tea on the balcony, and we realise Dmitry has no one there–not even a boyfriend. With no distractions we get Dmitry’s full on sob story–that he quit his job to do the show, lost his apartment, has no money to get a new one. He came to America at 18 by himself, and his family are pretty much all back in Belarus, which would explain why they’re not here. When Tim asks Dmitry where he sees himself in five years, Dmitry answers “rich and famous.” Tim laughs, but (as Simon would say on the XFactor) there’s steel in Dmitry’s eyes. He just might.

Last (but not least), Tim flies across the country to San Francisco to see Melissa. If this is not her house, she’s damned if she’ll admit it. Her clothes are all black and white and grey and very much what we saw from Melissa in the beginning. She’s gone back to her roots, as it were. Tim is very impressed by the textures. He says it’s strong, and he can see her in it. She is over the moon. Tim says that the collection is so her this is just going to come down to taste, which she can’t control. And then…they go on a boat to meet her boyfriend and her parents. (What? A boat? They have a boat? No, they rented a boat.) Oh good lord. If the others were fine to admit they are basically homeless or living in their parent’s basement, Melissa is the exact opposite. This is all a ploy to impress. She’s from a tiny town in the middle of nowhere, flyover country USA, and as far as she’s concerned she’s now living in one of the most expensive cities in the world, designing clothes and being fabulous and she is going to show herself as that part to the hilt. Her boyfriend seems to be on board with this desperate attempt to impress us with how worldly she is. But her parents are just like “We’re on a boat in San Francisco and it’s cold.” It’s …oy. I pity the camera people trying to film on the boat. I pity Melissa and her need to show off.

Having gone through all the check ins, we fast forward back to New York as the four contestants arrive back for fashion week. Everyone’s so happy to see each other and the champagne Tim and Heidi left them. When they head to the workroom, they each take a tour of each other’s lines and fawn over each other’s work. Tim shows up and halts the love fest, announcing they’re showing three outfits from their lines to the judges. These three outfits should be tailored to convince the judges why they should be the one to go to be shown on TV at fashion week.

Christopher has all separates so he gets worried what he should pair with what. Melissa starts melting down after seeing everyone’s else’s lines that she didn’t do enough. Tim checks in about what they’re bringing. Fabio did not get rid of the shoes, but he did paint them. Tim sighs, “It’s a distinct point of view.” Christopher doesn’t have anything to show Tim, and is waiting until the last minute to decide which pieces top walk down the runway. Tim shakes his head. Melissa is fretting she will be eliminated. Tim say “Don’t overthink it!” Dmitry has his three looks pulled and stands by them. Tim worries that it doesn’t represent the whole collection because it’s all black and white pieces, and his collection is not all black and white. Dmitry stubbornly insists that it’s fine.

Day of runway, and the models show up. Christopher has no time to alter things  so he’s just trying everything on everyone until he finds things that fit. Dmitry is worried that one of his models is too small for the look he was planning to put her in.

On that note, let’s go to the runway.

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