Photos from The Comikaze 2014 Cosplay Fashion Show

These aren’t professional pictures, but we have photos from Stan Lee’s Comikaze’s second annual cosplay fashion show.


Five costume designers and one shoe designer took part in the second annual show. We’ve featured looks from some of those designers here before, like Gold Bubble Clothing, Orion’s Originals and Castle Corsetry. Below the cut we have highlights from all the designers who showed.

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Resort 2015: Ralph Lauren

Elegance and timelessness. I think we can safely say that it doesn’t matter what season it is, what year it is, what the current trends are. Ralph Lauren is always aiming for these two words, with everything he does. Sometimes it lands. Sometimes it doesn’t.


Polka dots are actually a “thing” right now. We saw them too many time sin too many collections for Fall 2014 to ignore it. Yet when Lauren does them, they don’t feel “2014” polka dots. They feel like polka dots that could come from any year.

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Cruise 2015: Louis Vuitton

Just down the street (well, 35 miles or so down the coast) from the Cannes Film Festival, Nicolas Ghesquière pitched his tents at the Place du Palais in Monaco for the Louis Vuitton Cruise 2015 show. (“Resort” seems to be falling out of favor for these presentations.) One might have suspected he did this so his A-list clientele didn’t have to travel far from their red carpet duties to see the full-on runway presentation he created for his second outing with the brand. If nothing else, it served as a convenient excuse for the Monaco royal family, Prince Albert and Princess Charlene, to attend his show instead, as they boycott the Film Festival over Nicole Kidman’s goose egg of a new movie.


Some of the same the same things were repeated from the Fall 2014 show. But there was a looser air to the proceedings.  Colors were brighter. Sequinning was louder. (Note those are LV monograms in the blouse.)

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Resort 2015: Chanel

Dateline: Dubai, 2014. Yes, Chanel took the fashionista world someplace far more exotic that mere Brooklyn for his resort show. Dubai–a city where the very rich go to play on vacation. The rest of us can only marvel in amazement at the futuristic city that magically appeared out of the shifting sands.


Yet, for all that Dubai is a city of the future, where technology can defeat the desert, Lagerfeld seemed more enamored of the region’s past with the show he put on.

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Resort 2015: Christian Dior

The Resortwear season doesn’t get going properly until closer to the end of the month, but that didn’t stop the Dior line from starting things off with a bang last night. Simons presented a full on runway show in Brooklyn–proof perhaps that the borough has finally arrived. But it required a ferry ride for all the Manhattanites to get there, in order to keep them from having to get too close to the Bridge&Tunnel crowd. (Those who could not bear to be ferried rented town cars.) Technically Alexander Wang did it first during the Ready To Wear season earlier this year, but now that Dior has graced the Duggal Greenhouse at the Navy Yard, we should start expecting many more to have to water taxi their way across the East River.


Were Raf Simons’ offerings worth it? There were certainly a great deal of them–66 to be precise. The motif was the silk scarf, which here appears as the print in the blouse, as well as in the fold of the silk scarf.

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