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American Idol 12: Top Six Eliminations

Welcome back! It’s time to watch us save a girl! Welcome back!

Yes, I know Season Twelve Winner Lazaro Arbos delivered one of the Five Worst Performances of All Time last night. But I have found in my time watching Idol that the crash and burn performances rarely send people home the next day. There’s usually a week’s lag time. So I would expect to see Amber go home, and be saved for it. Though I could be wrong. One never knows with America. Shall we begin?

Today’s Ford mission was play soccer with cars? What? Lazaro was not in the car, but was the one releasing the oversized soccer ball in front of the cars. Was the hope for an accident?

Onwards to the stuff that matters!

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​Scotty McCreery Breaks Records–But What Does It Mean?

Last week, our latest Idol winner released his début album Clear As Day, and proceeded to go straight to number one on the Billboard charts, something an Idol alumnus hasn’t done since season 4 (Chris Daughtry’s début album Daughtry), and something an Idol winner hasn’t done since season 2. Yes, I said Season two. The last time an Idol winner debuted at number one on the Billboard charts, it was Reuben Studdard, a man who is considered to be a career failure by the Idol producers.

OMG, what does that MEAN? Was I so wrong about Scotty “Babylockthemdoors” McCreery? Is he really the savior of the Idol franchise, the jolt of industry cred they need so desperately to keep the show relevant and profitable for the network? How is he breaking records left and right, when Carrie Underwood, one of the most successful artists of the decade, didn’t even reach number one out of the gate with Some Hearts? Not only is McCreery the first Idol alum in nearly a decade to début at number one, he’s also the first country act to début at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 with a début studio album. McCreery is also the youngest man (18 years old) to open at the top of the chart with a début release. How did this happen?

Thankfully Chris Molanphy and his fantastic “100 and Single” column is here to break it all down for us. It turns out it’s not that McCreery is somehow a more viable Idol alum than say, Lambert, or Cook, or Sparks, just to go back a few years. Instead it’s that Jimmy Iovine is one savvy motherfucker:

Among these 16 albums by Idol winners or high-charting runners-up, McCreery’s 197,000 beats only four other albums. Embarrassingly, the three weakest-performing albums were from Idol winners: Sparks, Allen and DeWyze. (The latter two really stunk up the joint, missing the Top 10 and never catching fire; Sparks started slow but eventually saw her debut cross platinum and spawn several huge pop hits like “No Air” and “Tattoo.”) McCreery did considerably better in week one than all of these underperformers—but he fell short of the first-week totals of nearly a dozen other Idol albums.

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American Idol 10: Top Two

Sigh. Remember when Idol Finales were good? When they had drama that had to do with the performances, and weren’t just twitter froth? Remember when we saw Bo sing “Inside Your Heaven” and you could just see he was throwing in the towel? Remember when Clay beat Reuben? Remember when we watched the Soul Patrol trample the Idol producers into submission? Remember watching Diana struggle to hold her own against the steam engine that was Fantasia? Remember when it was David vs David, and David refused to do a retread song, and refused to compromise as an artist and still won? Remember when we feared Justin could somehow triumph over Kelly? Remember when it was Adam and Kris, and they both won, so the fact that Kris won over Adam was ok, because he needed the title more?

Those were the days. They’re gone now. Last year’s Crystal Vs Lee was weak, because it was such a blow out in her favor, and then he won anyway.

Scotty vs Lauren? This was just boring. Continue reading American Idol 10: Top Two

Lauren Dropping Out of Idol Finale?

Of course not, don’t be silly.

But how odd that the producers fed this rumor to TMZ, who leaked it with under an hour to go until show time. Are the Idol Brass really that worried about viewers tuning in, that this sort of last minute pump priming was deemed necessary?

Perhaps next year they won’t be so hot for two teens in the finale?

ETA: Now Slezak is on board with this story. I still don’t believe it. In fact, i think it’s really foolish to leak it like this. If Haley fans get their hopes up and tune in and see Lauren instead looking just flipping fine, the internet outrage is going to start all over again…

American Idol 10: Top Three Elimination

Oh Haley. I was never really all that into you when the show started, but you grew on me, like fungus. Tonight you were our last, best hope to have a semi-watchable Top Two next week. But no. Nigel, savvy as always, got what he wanted. An all-minors-finale. Lauren won the right to not even get a sing-out when she is eliminated on Wednesday’s finale. Continue reading American Idol 10: Top Three Elimination

American Idol 10: Top 3 Performance

Well, Haley just looked shell-shocked tonight didn’t she? Well played Nigel, well played.

The show was a bit of an uneven affair. Due to it being stretched out to two hours so filler Audition footage, filler Beyoncé shilling, and more filler the “I got a Text here from the judges” announcements could be shoehorned in, it really dragged between performances. For all that he’s irritated me no end this season, Jimmy Iovine showed tonight why he is where he is in the music business. Across the board, their Jimmy picked song was the best song of the night for each contestant.  Jimmy’s song’s were in the middle, so the best part of the show was over by 9:15. Continue reading American Idol 10: Top 3 Performance

American Idol 10: Judge’s Choices Announced

It’s homecoming day for the Top Three.** As is tradition, the “Judge’s Choice” song for each contestant was announced during the morning event. They are as follows:

Lauren-“I Hope You Dance” by Lee Ann Womack

Scotty- “She Believes In Me” by Kenny Rogers

Haley- “You Ought to Know” by Alanis Morissette (I guess she’ll be going down with you to the theater.)

**It’s also homecoming day for James, even though he was eliminated on Thursday. Some people are assuming this is part of the “kinder gentler Idol” but I’m betting it’s because of the new Wednesday/Thursday schedule of the show. With the elimination occurring less than 48 hours before the event, the deposits would already be paid for. I’m also betting that’s why Haley’s homecoming schedule is much thinner than either Scotty or Lauren’s. It’s really hard to add stuff that last minute. Continue reading American Idol 10: Judge’s Choices Announced