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Torchwood: Miracle Day “The Blood Line”

There were moments in this finale episode that almost made me forgive Davies everything.

Then there was the ending.

There were definite problems with Torchwood this season, chief among them the format. If Miracle Day showed nothing else, it’s that Torchwood doesn’t work in a one hour-once a week format. It didn’t work when it was a monster-of-the-week show during the first two seasons, and it didn’t work here as a single arc serial. It’s striking to compare Miracle Day with the previous single arc, Children of Earth. They are the same length–CoE  done as 5 two-hour episodes, MD as 10 one-hour ones. CoE was praised for its tight story-telling and its quick pacing, where Miracle Day has been berated as slow, redundant and meandering. But if we were to take Miracle Day and re-imagine it into five two hour episodes, nearly all the problems would disappear. Instead of four episodes of Dr. Vera at endless conferences with Doctors philosophizing on about our health care system, it would all be condensed into the first. The three weeks spent agonizing over the Death camps would be over by the third, and not feel like a distantly pointless and hastily dropped memory in favor of the “This is all about Jack” revelation later on. The fact that this was all about Jack would come out much sooner, while having enough time inside the episode that the flashback sequence wouldn’t feel like a complete plot momentum stopper. The list goes on. There is a damn fine story inside Miracle Day, one that is on par with CoE. It’s too bad that it got lost in a format that allowed too much space for the story while not providing enough detail per episode.

But enough about what could have been. Let’s discuss the fact that in the end, we are the evil aliens we seek. Continue reading Torchwood: Miracle Day “The Blood Line”


Torchwood: Miracle Day “The Gathering”

Well, we finally saw the blessing, and it looks like……

….well, never mind what it looks like. I mean, I know what it was supposed to be, but goddamn if my brain didn’t instantly see a giant, bald…..

The good news is all of our plot lines have finally come together, though there weren’t any answers to be had, exactly. At least ones that didn’t spawn more questions. Though the real disappointment of the episode was that, now that we’ve seen The Blessing, we know something very important. Unless there is a very unlikely reveal next week, there are NO ALIENS.

I was fuming this to myself last night after watching the live stream on Netflix and pondering my recap options when I realised this was a funny thing to be upset about. Why did Aliens always have to be the bad guys? Why can’t the evil be something here at home, something the Earth itself has to offer, that when we mine our way down can ruin our lives as we know it. Why can’t the true evil be man’s insatiable curiosity and his inability to know when to stop digging? How is that a bad place for science fiction to explore?

Yet, I’m 100% certain I am not to only recapper whose knee jerk reaction to these revelations will run from “NO ALIENS??!!” to “Lame!” to “Seriously, so this is all because Jack slept with the wrong dude?”

Pending next week’s outcome, I will have more thoughts on this. For now, let’s rejoin our heroes, two months later….

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