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American Idol 11: Top 12 Girls

Day Two of the only semi final round. Last night it was the boys. Tonight, we have the girls–and apparently there was a “shocking decision.” I was hoping that it was bringing back a 13th girl to even the numbers. But no. It’s to allow two girls to sing the exact same Adele song. Did I not say last night that Adele needs to be off-limits? Why does no one listen to me? And we have to sit through the same song twice? I am displeased.

After the jump, my review of the girls.

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American Idol 11: Top 13 Boys

Live shows begin tonight! 13 performances in two hours. Ryan might not be doing his micromachine man impression yet, but he will be by the end of the evening.

This is the truncated semi-final format, where we go from a Top 24 (or 25 in this case) down to a Top 13 in the space of a week. At least the show is up front this year that they’re planning on making it a Top 13. It’s not the bloodbath format of taking a Top 36 down to 12  on the strength of a single performance that we saw in the early years of Idol (and once again in season 8.) But it’s not the gentle eliminations over the course of a month that we had from seasons 4-7, where the amateurs the show makes its bones on elevating can have a decent period to find their feet and learn how to perform for a camera in a sound studio before moving up to the next stage up. It’s a compromise, and I may not be 100% for it, but I can’t argue with it either, since I understand the show doesn’t want to take that sort of time anymore, or leave that much up to the audience like they once did. I just wish there was a sound studio portion instead of pushing them straight to the bigger size stage. I feel like the contestants suffer for having to go straight to the larger stage with no intermediary stage. I blame Lee DeWyze’s inability to jump quickly from platform to platform that caused them to decide to rid themselves of the steps-and-stairs method of introducing the contestants to bigger and bigger platforms that served them so well for a decade.

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