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Paris Spring 2016 Couture: Atelier Versace

Here in the US East coast, we battened down the hatches and received more snow in a day than Alaska has gotten so far all year. But over in Paris Couture week went on, like it always does. Sunday was opening day, and as always Donatella Versace opened with her usual brand of feminine curve-hugging Vegas-by-way-of-Hollywood showgirl.

Atelier Versace-0

Sporty seemed to be the order of the day for the first half of the collection, which looked like it had just come back from the Winter Olympics, in white sporty jumpsuits and curve hugging pants. But though those were interesting, it was the back half of the collection, with the ready for red carpet looks that will probably been seen again for the Oscars.

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Milan Fashion Week Spring 2016 RTW: Versace

Donatella Versace is breaking out of her niche for Spring 2016. Inspired by International Women’s Day, she did something that’s probably long overdue by now–taking her line, and the narrow set of glittering pop star fashionistas that it is normally geared towards (think Fergie), and making it accessible to everyone.


Not that the fierce overly short hemlines were missing, or tat there were plenty of near see through frocks that went marching past, only appropriate for the night of the town with bottle service, and the trashier side of the red carpet. But mixed in were pants! flats! Sensible jackets and loose-fitting dresses that would actually do well ona Size 8 as well as a Size 2.

Was it some sort of fashion miracle? Not completely. She still leaned heavily on the combat  theme that has been just about done to death after a decade of endless war, and in a way seems almost out of touch for a generation that would just like to stay home peaceably, thanks very much. But when some of the dresses and their oversized camo looked almost animal print and animalistic, it was hard to fault her the idea.

The full collection is below.

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Paris Fall 2015 Couture: Atelier Versace

Atelier Versace is doing romantic for fall. So much so, one wouldn’t blame people for mistaking this for the Spring 2015 collection instead of the Fall Couture collection. Fairy gowns and floral headdresses were the order of the day. One would not be all that out of place at a high-end Bel Tine.

Atelier Versace-001

Of course, this is still Donatella Versace, which means it’s still got cut out galore and boning and bodycon overtones. In this fairy princess land, those keyholes were formed by tying the chiffon up in odd ways and creating gouges that looked like the gown has been torn walked with a mid summer night’s woodland. Tatiana would probably consider having this line whisked away and paraded in front of her in a private truck showcase. Perhaps Helena and Hermia could join her, and we’ll all have the most high-end fabulous Shakespeare production the woods have ever seen.

The full collection is below.

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Resort 2016: Versace

There are times, when Versace isn’t trying too hard, where the line can be a lot of fun. Resort and PreFall are usually those times, since there’s no runway show, and no couture to live up to. Think of it as what Donatella puts out when there’s no pressure.


Acid and neon were the hallmarks of the collection, in green and orange, sometimes separate and sometimes mixed together in stripes or patterns. Everything is cool, summery, lightweight and easy. These resort collection can sometimes skew sporty, and this one is no exception, but there’s a fantasy femininity element to it, as if to say “Yeah, I’m sporty, but it’s not like I actually ever, you know, work out or sweat.”

The one miss in the line for me was the platform flip flop flats. I suppose they make sense, considering the collection’s over all feel, but they felt odd and bulky, and not in keeping with the rest of the line’s over all chic vibe. Like the model forgot to change the shoes she was wearing around the set before it was time to shoot.

The full collection is below.

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Milan Fashion Week Fall 2015 RTW: Versace

The title of the Versace show this season in Milan was #Greek. The Greek motif has been permeating Donatella’s work now for several seasons, as she plays with the traditional fret pattern from Greek friezes. The traditional three ninety degree angles lines finally found their connection to the Now Now Now of Donatella’s designs. The relevancy was there all the time if you just add a little curve to those 90 degree angles and create….the @ sign.


Yes, digital symbols were all the rage tonight, as Greek lines gave way to emjois and invisible chiffon cut out areas created smiley faces. It was certainly an in your face moment for the assembled company, but one might argue that wasn’t the audience Donatella was aiming for. She was looking to catch those on twitter following along with her show, and those on Facebook who will gaze at the pictures afterwards. Versace is a label that doesn’t want to grow old, and that means aiming for the youth of today in any way they can be reached.

The full collection is below.

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Paris Spring 2015 Couture: Atelier Versace

Atelier Versace sits at the head of the couture schedule in Paris. A favorite on the red carpet scene, this positioning gives them time to get out in front for the A list award shows that follow–the Grammys and the Oscars. Donatella always aims her looks that direction as well, and this line of 46 looks was no exception. Even the suits and pant looks were red carpet ready.


Straight lines were in short supply in this collection, as gowns and cocktail numbers alike sported swirly cut outs and tattoo style beadwork. The full collection is below. It starts a little slow, but keep scrolling. It’s worth it.

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PreFall 2015: Versace

The words Versace and Restraint aren’t ones that people normally think of in the same sentence. The line has always been about over the top glitz and glam, especially since Donatella took over. Which is why this PreFall collection was such a head turner.


Versace Rhapsody of Restraint in Blue was my first thought, and though by the end it hadn’t quite held, that first initial impression of cleanliness of line and graphic colorblocking were the takeaway.

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