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Joss Whedon Endorses Mitt Romney

Joss Whedon, nerd-god extraordinaire, understands which side his bread is buttered on. The only way the America he’s prepared to live in will come to pass requires President Willard Mitt Romney.

Maybe it would be best for all our heartbroken democratic progressive nerds to sit down and let the man explain it all to you in his own words, and you will grok why he’s choosing to vote the way he is, and maybe you should too.

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Face Off Season 3: Alice In Zombieland

The contestants find themselves in “the most hardcore gym in LA,” and just to prove this is a real fighting gym and not a WWE training ground, McKenzie is accompanied by this week’s guest judge Laila Ali. Exactly why a former boxer is judging a make up competition is not made clear? Oh, this is because the opening Foundation Challenge is “trauma make-up”, and Miss Ali knows a thing or two about a black eye. McKenzie reminds them all “realism is key here.” It may be the only time that’s true in the entire show. Jason called this “easy.” Laura says “Blend blend blend blend blend.” Roy’s does NOT look realistic.


And just like that, it’s over. Laila does some quick judging: Laura’s blood isn’t fresh looking enough. Jason’s blood and sweat mixture looks “pretty good.” She thinks Nicole did a good job with her swelling prosthetics. Rod doesn’t have enough blood…..And that’s all we have time for. The others I assume to be mushy middlers, or else Laila just thought they were all bad. As their work flashes by on the screen, they all look overdone to me. Jason is declared to have nailed it, and is granted immunity in the main challenge.


Let’s get to that main challenge–described by McKenzie as Alice in Wonderland meets the Resident Evil franchise. Each contestant will choose one of five predetermined characters from the Alice story and remake them into the zombie version. Jason, being the winner of the last challenge, goes first. Since there are nine contestants and five characters, eight contestants will be making version of the same character.

  • Jason–The Hatter
  • Nicole–Alice
  • Roy–The Queen
  • Tommy–White Rabbit
  • Alana–White Rabbit
  • Laura–The Hatter
  • Sarah–Cheshire Cat
  • Rod–The Queen
  • Derek–Cheshire Cat

Sarah grew up in a Mennonite community and is having trouble coming up with inspiration for her character. She ends up getting help from Nicole, who inspires her to get working. Alana promises her rabbit will have “sex appeal.” Roy decides to go complicated. We get through the entire first day without Alana having a freak out or a disaster. So first thing on day two she drops her cowl sculpture on the ground, ears first. Good girl!

Neville does this week’s walk through, and I have to admit, I’m interested to see how he does with this, since we know how good Ve is at it and how terrible Glenn is. His feedback is not all I would hope it to be, running the gamut from “Great Idea!” to Roy and “Remember it has to work visually” to Rod. (It has to work “visually”? As opposed to….?) He worries the Drink-Me bottle that’s sticking out of Nicole’s Alice looks like it’s coming out of her rather than going in. When he sees how much fur Sarah is using for her cat, he does have one good idea–hair product. Neville is concerned about her and Tommy. We’ll see. Sarah is aware she needs to keep her cat from looking like a “mascot.”

It’s Tommy’s turn to have mold shattering issues, that are remedied by duct tape (naturally.) No word on how it turns out. Laura is worried hers isn’t “amped up” enough. I don’t know why she’s worried, hers looks fine. Meanwhile Alana is having her usual panic attack meltdown–this time over overweighted ears–and runs to daddy figure Roy (she calls him her “mold cowboy”) to stop his work and take the time to help her. Again. One of these days, girl, they’re just going to let you fail.

Let’s go to the makeup.

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